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The future of health care depends on our ability to harness creative energy and develop new and better ways of doing things. The benchmark for success is not only our capacity to generate knowledge and adopt research and innovation into practice, but also sharing our knowledge so we can positively impact the health of Canadians. It’s this spirit that drives our Medical-Scientific team members to actively participate in industry events and publish works and presentations.

Poster Presentation Archives

D. Konforte, D. Sun and J. Palaty. Poster presentation: Society of Forensic Toxicologists, San Antonio, TX.  October 16-18 2019 Download Presentation
Dr. Huda Almohri Comparison of AlereTM PBP2a Test and Oxoid PBP2 Latex Agglutination Test for the Detection of Methicillin Resistance in Staphylococcus spp Comparison of Chicago Sky Blue Stain with Routine Potassium Hydroxide for the Rapid Dete...
H. Almohri, S. Smith, L  Van Zuilen, F. Colosimo, DLR. Yamamura 26th International Congress of Chemotherapy and Infection ICC, Toronto, Canada, June 2009.
DLR Yamamura, T. Stacey-Works, D. James, L. Van Zuilen, LL Croteau, L. Cooper, F. Colosimo.  American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, 2007.
D. Yamamura N. Kreiswirth, P. Ralta, O. Imas, M. Lum, C. Larocque, S. Poutanen, F., Jamieson, A. McGeer, D. Low, B. M. Willey.  AMMI/CACMID Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, 2006.

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