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November 2, 2018

Statement re: IgG food sensitivity test

Dear Ms. Grundig,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding food sensitivity tests. In response to your inquiry, please see the following statement from LifeLabs.

Rocky Mountain Analytical (RMA) is the division of LifeLabs providing Canadians with high quality, innovative testing options for early identification and prevention of disease, including food sensitivity testing.

There is substantial clinical and scientific support for the benefit of IgG food antibody testing in patient care. Food Sensitivity Testing (FST) is offered by most major labs in North America and is relied upon by over 2,500 health professionals in Canada, including physicians and naturopathic doctors, to improve the health and well-being of patients. As a health system partner and community lab provider, LifeLabs collects and analyzes food sensitivity tests as requested by physicians and naturopathic doctors as part of their delivery of care to patients.

RMA FST™ measures levels of IgG antibodies in a person’s body and provides clinicians with customized reporting of reactive foods. Empowered with these results health professionals work with patients to identify food sensitivities through a process of elimination in their diet and formulate a plan to eliminate problem foods.

Food sensitivities are not food allergies, but rather a condition that can cause symptoms over a long period of time. The slow development of food sensitivity symptoms often means there is not an obvious link between foods eaten and symptoms, and as a result they are difficult to diagnose. This makes food sensitivity reactions very different from food allergies, where reactions are usually noticeable immediately and easily diagnosed.

While some health professionals doubt the validity of food sensitivity testing, numerous studies in peer-reviewed journals have shown the health benefits of removing IgG reactive foods, particularly for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraine headaches and weight management. We respect the opinion of dissenting health professionals, but we also encourage them to have an open mind regarding the benefits of food sensitivity testing. A test does not need to be diagnostic to be clinically relevant and useful.

LifeLabs complies with all regulatory requirements pertinent to medical testing labs in the provinces where we operate and provides accredited, reputable, industry-leading laboratory services to Canadian healthcare professionals and patients. We remain committed to meeting the needs of healthcare providers and their patients. 

For a body of published evidence demonstrating the clinical utility of food IgG antibody testing, please refer to the appendix below.



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IgG-based elimination diet in migraine plus irritable bowel syndrome.

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Please inform staff if you are unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition. 

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