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October 10, 2019

LifeLabs partnering with Sun Life to offer pharmacogenomics testing to plan members on short and long-term disability plans

FOR RELEASE—Toronto, Ontario (October 10, 2019) – LifeLabs, Canada’s leading diagnostic and laboratory testing company, is proud to announce it will offer its pharmacogenomics test TreatGxplus as a benefit option for Sun Life plan members on short or long-term disability plans.

For many Canadians, mental illness and chronic pain have become some of the leading causes of disability leave. In addition, treatments and medications for certain conditions (such as mental illness and chronic pain) do not have a one-size-fits-all solution. LifeLabs and Sun Life are partnering to helping Canadians get the right treatment for their individual needs.

“Helping patients find the right treatment program and medication as soon as possible is critical to managing chronic health conditions,” said Charles Brown, President & CEO of LifeLabs. “We’re confident this genetic test and precision prescribing solution will help Canadians on their pathway to wellness by ensuring they have the right medication based on their genetics, medical history, and individual needs.”

With a simple cheek swab, this test combines genetic and non-genetic information  (such as age, weight, blood pressure, allergies, medical conditions, other medications, and more) to identify medication type and dosage options that are more accurately aligned with the individual, thereby reducing the likelihood of adverse reactions, side effects, and issues around medication adherence.

Pharmacogenomics testing is ideal for anyone who is taking multiple medications, starting a new treatment plan, living with a chronic condition, struggling to find an effective medication, or simply wanting to understand how their genetics affect their current or future prescriptions.

“When you take a disability leave for mental health reasons, finding a specialist and getting proper treatment can feel overwhelming – we want to make this experience hassle-free,” said Dave Jones, Senior Vice-President, Group Benefits, Sun Life. “We’re excited to be working with organizations such as LifeLabs to bring these health care innovations to our clients to improve their recovery experience and help them get the timely care they need.”

“Identifying safe and effective medication options for the patient is the goal,” said Dr. Martin Dawes, a Professor of Family Medicine, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of GenXys. “TreatGxplus helps us achieve that goal by supporting the development of personalized treatment plans and prescribed medication options. This is a remarkable solution that is changing how we can help patients recover more quickly.”

For more information on the benefits program and eligibility, go to Visit to learn more about TreatGxplus.

About LifeLabs

LifeLabs is Canada’s leading provider of laboratory diagnostic information and digital health connectivity systems, enabling patients and healthcare practitioners to diagnose, treat, monitor, and prevent disease. We support 20 million patient visits annually and conduct over 100 million laboratory tests through leading edge technologies and our 5,700 talented and dedicated employees. We are a committed innovator in supporting Canadians to live healthier lives, operating Canada’s first commercial genetics lab and the country’s largest online patient portal, with more than 2.3 million Canadians receiving their results online. LifeLabs is 100% Canadian owned by OMERS Infrastructure, the infrastructure investment manager of one of Canada’s largest defined benefit pension plans. Learn more at


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