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Serving Patients with Autism

We are proud to have developed Canada’s first specific and comprehensive guidelines
for specimen collection for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Booking an Autism appointment


British Columbia
1 800 431 7206 (9am – 5pm )

1 877 849 3637


1 888 333 0222

When booking please indicate:

  • You’d like to book at autism appointment
  • Your preferred location

Serving Patients with Autism Program

We understand that having blood drawn can sometimes be a source of anxiety for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which can result in delayed diagnosis and treatment. This is why LifeLabs developed specific blood collection practices as part of our Serving Patients with Autism program to deliver a safe and positive experience that increases the likelihood of a successful procedure.


Serving Patients with Autism is specially designed to provide a caring and compassionate experience for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Canada’s first specific and comprehensive guidelines for specimen collection for patients with ASD, it focuses on delivering a safe and worry-free blood collection experience. Developed in consultation with our community partners at the Pacific Autism Family Network in B.C. and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Ontario, hallmarks of this innovative program include:

  • flexible appointment times
  • orientation sessions
  • visual supports to reduce anxiety
  • tools and toys to engage and comfort
  • fast and reliable results

These guidelines, combined with the effective training of staff, increases the likelihood of successful specimen collection and can reduce potential delays and extra costs to our healthcare system. Since the program started in 2017, we have been able to provide this service to over 1,000 patients.

The program is  available at all LifeLabs Patient Service Centres in British Columbia and Ontario and at select locations in Regina and Saskatoon. Please visit the Location Finder and click on ‘Serving Patients with Autism’ to search for a location near you.

We are also proud to have opened a Patient Service Centre with a specialty collection room designed to support patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Located in Richmond, BC in the Ironwood area, this room was created with input from ASD experts on how to best support a positive healthcare experience for patients with ASD. To book this location, please follow the instructions on “How to book an appointment” section.

Because the needs of every patient may vary, appointments are required. Once you determine the most convenient location, please call us to request an Autism Program Appointment and we’ll take care of the rest! Book an appointment.

Booking an Autism appointment

British Columbia 1 800 431 7206 (9am – 5pm )

Ontario 1 877 849 3637

Saskatchewan 1 888 333 0222

When booking please indicate:

  • You’d like to book at autism appointment
  • Your preferred location

In advance of your visit, we suggest discussing what will happen during the appointment without focusing on the unpleasant or painful aspects of the procedure. We have prepared some visual supports to help you in these conversations and also encourage you to bring tools and toys to your visit.

Visual supports

Visually demonstrating what will happen during a lab visit can help clarify the procedure, establish predictability to reduce anxiety, decrease frustration and help the patient cope more effectively during the experience.

You can use the following printable storyboards to demonstrate what to expect during a visit to one of our Patient Service Centres. You can also request these resources when working with a member of our Client Services Team to tailor your experience.

Tools and Toys

Bringing distraction tools and toys can help comfort and entertain the patient during the procedure. We encourage you to bring the following items to your visit:

  • Portable game device to play videos or music
  • Favourite toy or stuffed animal
  • Visually stimulating or tactile toys (colourful toys, vibrating toys, etc.)

We are committed to making sure your visit to our Patient Service Centre is a positive experience. Please complete the questionnaire below and bring it to your visit to help us customize to your individual needs.

Patient Questionnaire 

To make sure your visit with us is a positive experience, we have created a check list to help you plan your visit and ensure a successful collection.

Patient Check-List