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Patient Centred Care

Patients are at the heart of everything we do. Across every aspect of our organization, we are focused on providing care that is respectful of individual needs and values with an approach that is collaborative, coordinated, and accessible.

Serving Patients
with Autism

For the estimated one in 66 Canadian children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a visit to the health clinic can cause sensory overload and distress. We are proud to have developed Canada’s first specific and comprehensive guidelines for specimen collection for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


LifeLabs is committed to treating people with respect and in ways that help them maintain their dignity and independence.

Cultural and Gender Sensitivity

Our nation is an incredible mosaic of cultures that proudly represents diverse backgrounds, religions, views and values. It is out of our deep respect for all Canadians that we aim to be sensitive to cultural differences as well as gender identities.

Safe and Respectful Environment

The safety and well-being of all staff and patients is our top priority and we are committed to a safe, respectful and harassment-free environment. Unwelcome behaviour can include actions or comments that demean, offend, embarrass or isolate such as:
  • Ridiculing, taunting, belittling, humiliating or insulting someone.
  • Unwelcome sexual flirtation or advances.
  • Refusing treatment from a healthcare provider because of their race, religion or accent.

Actions will be taken to address behaviours that present a safety risk to employees and/or patients. Verbal threats or physical acts of violence may result in removal from a facility and/or prosecution.

Patients FAQs