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May 25, 2018

New Testing Method for Identification and Susceptibilities at Our Kennedy Laboratory

​LifeLabs is pleased to announce the new testing method for identification and susceptibilities at our Kennedy laboratory.  As of June 2018, LifeLabs Kennedy location will fully integrate susceptibility testing using the Vitek 2 instruments from Biomerieux.   The Vitek 2 system will be replacing the current Microscan system.  The Vitek 2 system is a rapid system providing complete, accurate results for the identification and susceptibility testing of organisms.

Regardless of laboratory testing location, all susceptibility testing at LifeLabs will now be harmonized nationwide using the Vitek 2 System.  Providing quality results to our customers from Ontario to British Columbia.

There will be no change in specimen collection or sample ordering.  All susceptibility testing and reporting will continue to be the same except for minor changes for reporting  of penicillin on hemolytic Streptococci, like Streptococcus pyogenes and Streptococcus agalactiae.  These organisms are predictably susceptible to penicillin.

LifeLabs strives to provide our patients care, efficient, reliable, and high-quality services that contribute to enhanced patient care.  Streamlining our Identification and susceptibility testing nationwide with the Vitek 2 system, we can build a healthier Canada by becoming an efficient and quality driven Microbiology laboratory.