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February 6, 2020

Information on coronavirus for health care providers

LifeLabs has implemented screening protocols for the coronavirus due to the recent decision by the World Health Organization to declare the coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern. To protect our employees and customers, we will not provide collection services to Mobile Lab Services customers or at our Patient Service Centres that meet the following criteria:

  • Have a fever and symptoms of lower respiratory illness or pneumonia, AND
  • Travelled to China within the last 14 days, OR
  • Had close contact with an ill individual who is under investigation in relation to the coronavirus outbreak

Patients who arrive at our patient service centres will be screened using the criteria above and—if they screen positive— will be directed to return to the ordering health care provider with a form outlining why we did not serve the patient. If, after returning for assessment, a patient does not meet the coronavirus screening criteria, please have him/her return to LifeLabs with this signed form. 

LifeLabs will continue to pick up patient samples collected by health care providers in their offices.

Important information about testing

Testing for 2019-nCoV PUIs requires prior approval by the PHO Laboratory before submission and ideally after a physician has seen the patient.

For approval, please contact:

PHO Laboratory’s Customer Service Centre: 416-235-6556/1-877-604-4567

or the After-Hours Emergency Duty Officer: 416-605-3113.

For more information on diagnostics, reporting, and infection prevention and control, please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website.