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March 6, 2024

Conquer Colon Cancer Scanxiety: March ahead of relapse

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. On average, 66 Canadians will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer every day

A positive cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming.  The anticipation while waiting for test results may add stress to both the individual with cancer and their loved ones. This is sometimes called “scanxiety”. Whether scans are being done for diagnosis, to monitor treatment, or to check for a recurrence, the emotions associated with these scans can be difficult to navigate.

LifeLabs® offers SignateraTM, an innovative, highly sensitive, non-invasive, personalized molecular test. SignateraTM accurately measures residual tumour burden and can be used to monitor response to treatment and predict the likelihood of long-term remission or relapse.  The test works by detecting fragments of tumour DNA circulating in the blood and may be useful in deciding if adjuvant chemotherapy is needed.

For medical oncologists, Signatera represents a powerful ally in personalized cancer care. By providing insights into a patient’s unique cancer profile, Signatera empowers oncologists to tailor treatment strategies, monitor response to therapy, and intervene swiftly at the first sign of disease progression.

“At LifeLabs, we believe that knowledge is power, especially when navigating the complexities of one’s healthcare journey,” said Dr. Cathy Ross, Vice President of Medical and Quality Affairs for LifeLabs. “Through innovative solutions like Signatera, we’re empowering individuals and their healthcare teams with valuable insights; we’re not just detecting cancer earlier; we’re providing hope and confidence.”


Learn more about Signatera on March 14, 2024

LifeLabs® in collaboration with Colorectal Cancer Canada and Natera is providing an educational webinar, to delve into the crucial role of ctDNA in detecting cancer recurrence earlier.

The webinar will feature Dr. Michael Raphael, Gastrointestinal Medical Oncologist at Odette Cancer Centre and Assistant Professor for the division of Medical Oncology at the University of Toronto, and Dr. Minetta Liu, Chief Medical Officer for Oncology with Natera. Dr. Raphael will provide insight into his patient’s experiences with ctDNA testing, while Dr. Liu will give an overview of ctDNA and Signatera.

You can register for the event here:

Whether you’re a medical oncologist seeking to stay at the forefront of cancer care or a patient navigating the complexities of cancer treatment, Signatera offers something truly invaluable: knowledge. The knowledge that can lead to earlier detection, informed decisions, and ultimately, better outcomes.


To learn more about SignateraTM, visit LifeLabs® at

Empowering hope, inspiring action.


* Canadian Cancer Society

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)


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