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Our History

A brief journey through the histories of our Laboratories
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    BC Biomedical Founded

    BC Biomedical was founded by Dr. Cam Coady in 1958, when he found hospital funding shortfalls handicapping the ability to provide an adequate spectrum of laboratory tests.
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    Metropolitan Bio Medical

    Metropolitan Biomedical Laboratories is founded in B.C. by Sid Zbarsky. A few years later Dr. Don Rix joins as a partner.
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    BC Biomedical main lab located in New Westminster

    The BC Biomedical main facility was located in New Westminster.
  • McNair Laboratories

    McNair Laboratories

    McNair Laboratories is founded in B.C. by Dr. Don Rix Laboratories began operations offering a full range of out-patient laboratory testing services.
  • MDS


    MDS is founded in Ontario by five entrepreneurs from IBM with a vision of providing business and systems support to healthcare professionals.
  • Toronto Medical Laboratories

    Toronto Medical Laboratories

    MDS acquires Toronto Medical Laboratories.
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    Canadian Medical Laboratories

    Canadian Medical Laboratories Limited, the entity that eventually becomes CML, was founded as a single laboratory in Simcoe, Ontario.
  • BC Biomedical Laboratories is formed through the amalgamation Westminster Physicians, Associated Clinical Laboratories.
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    BC Bio main lab moves to Burnaby

    Main BC Biomedical Lab moved to Burnaby location
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    MDS Metro

    Metro-McNair Clinical Laboratories, B.C. and MDS Metro in Ontario are formed.
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    MDS Metro new reference lab opens in Burnaby, B.C.

    MDS Metro began construction of a new reference lab in Burnaby in 1995 and moved in the following year.
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    BC Bio main lab moves to Surrey

    BC Bio main lab moves to Surrey and opens the Cam Coady Building.
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    Metro and BC Bio launch PathNet

    BC Bio and MDS Metro jointly launch PathNET which becomes the foundation for what is now known as Excelleris.
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    Canadian Medical Laboratories Ltd changes its name to CML

    Canadian Medical Laboratories Limited changes its name to CML HealthCare Inc. in recognition of the broader diagnostic healthcare services provided.
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    MDS officially becomes LifeLabs.

    LifeLabs officially became our new name.
  • LifeLabs completes purchase of BC Biomedical

    LifeLabs completes purchase of BC Biomedical

    LifeLabs completes purchase of BC Biomedical and BC Integration Program is launched.
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    CML HealthCare Inc. acquires Calgary-based Rocky Mountain Analytical.

    CML HealthCare announced the acquisition of Rocky Mountain Analytical (RMA), the leading Canadian provider of specialized clinical laboratory .
  • CML hits a homerun with Microbiology Automation

    CML hits a homerun with Microbiology Automation

    BD Kiestra Microbiology Platform installed at Kennedy Laboratory in Mississauga, O.N. the largest installation in the world and the first of its kind in Canada.
  • Through a partnership with Abbott and Roche Diagnostics, begin the installation of state-of-the-art automated chemistry testing platforms at reference labs in B.C. and Ontario.
  • Open the largest privately-owned genetics laboratory in Canada as part of LifeLabs Genetics.
  • Announce $150,000 sponsorship of Pacific Autism Family Centre Foundation.
  • Develop the proprietary Comprehensive Drug Analysis for the rapid and comprehensive detection of prescription and street drug.
  • Launch Canada’s first specialized program for patients with autism spectrum disorder, Serving Patients with Autism.
  • Named as the new provider of community laboratory collection services for the residents of the Regina and Saskatoon.
  • Receive the Partner Recognition Award in Environmental Excellence from Practice Greenhealth.