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Terms of Service

This Terms of Service document sets out the terms which govern how you may access services through this website. You should read these Terms of Service carefully. By using these services you accept these Terms of Service.

Terms of Service

LifeLabs may modify these Terms of Service without notice to you.

Any personal information collected by LifeLabs will be used in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

Termination / Access Restriction
LifeLabs may terminate your use of the website or access to the services at any time without notice.
Requirement of Signed Requisition from HCP
A Signed Requisition from an appropriate Health Care Provider must be provided for LifeLabs to process your test and deliver your results. For questions about who can order the test please call the LifeLabs Help Line.
Information We Collect

Your full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, sex at birth, and your provincial health card number, as well as your ordering Health Care Provider’s name, email address, and mailing address. You may be asked for your Credit Card Information by a 3rd party who is fulfilling your request for products or services on behalf of LifeLabs.

With whom do we share your identifiable information?
  • We only share your information as necessary to complete the testing and report the results, as requested by your Health Care Provider. LifeLabs does not sell your personally identifiable information to third parties.
  • Laboratory technologists, technicians and scientists will see your information as necessary for the testing process. Where LifeLabs does not perform a test in its own laboratory, we may need to refer your sample to another laboratory to conduct the test and report the result to your Health Care Provider.
Those involved in the preparation of your results
  • We limit access to any of your personal health information to qualified medical and service provider professionals as required.
  • Your results may be reviewed by a Medical Professional before they are released.
  • In some cases a LifeLabs employee may view your results to be able to provide support to you after your testing.
Sharing of Information with your HCP
We report your results to your Health Care Provider. Your Health Care Provider may also request that we copy your results to another Health Care Provider, who is involved in your assessment or treatment. You may request that we send a copy of your results and health history to your Health Care Provider.
Do we share your anonymized information?
We do use de-identified samples for internal quality control validations and research and development.
Data security
All data on our servers is encrypted when it is stored or in transit. All personal data (genetic or otherwise) is encrypted with AES-256 when it is stored on our servers, and is always transmitted over SSL. Internally, industry standard guidelines and access controls protect your data.
Website security
All pages on, and are served over HTTPS. For optimal security, we encourage using the most up-to-date versions of modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You are responsible for protecting your own log in and password information.
Ordering Procedure

After you have selected the test(s) you would like to order, you will be taken to a page where, depending on the availability to order online, you will be able to place your order. Upon a successful order placement, your information will be sent to LifeLabs’ fulfillment teams to review and process your order.

If you have ordered a kit

you will need to provide the physical sample for testing, complete the consent form, include a signed requisition from your Health Care Provider and mail the completed kit back to LifeLabs using the materials provided.

If you have ordered a test

where a sample is required from a lab (such as a blood draw), you will need to find a convenient LifeLabs location  and bring your order confirmation, signed requisition from your Health Care Provider, and your order receipt.  The order confirmation and receipt are emailed to the address which you provided when you completed the online ordering process.


Replacing Defective Kit Policy

The requirements for the collection of a sample will differ according to specific tests. Please follow the sample collection instructions accordingly.

  • If a kit fails to operate in accordance with its specifications, LifeLabs may provide a new kit to you without additional cost to you.
  • If a sample is unable to be tested as a result of improper collection, sealing or transport, outside of LifeLabs’ control, then you may be charged for any additional kits required to complete your test.

Not Medical Advice

  • If you are a patient, you should not rely on information from this website to make personal or medical decisions. You should consult with your Health Care Provider.