Corporate Services

We make your medical surveillance program and employee wellness easy by coming right to your location to collect samples. Find out how our mobile lab service is convenient, cost effective, and also increases employee compliance.

Mobile Lab Services are when our certified collectors come to your site to collect specimens for lab testing. A convenient and cost-effective option, it helps support:

  • compliance with occupational health and safety programs
  • employee wellness programs
  • care of residents in long-term care and retirement facilities
  • collection for research studies

Our involvement ranges from collecting the actual samples from individuals for testing to facilitating your lab testing requirements.

Customers that use our services range from:

  • Companies requiring mass screening as part of their occupational health and safety or wellness programs
  • Routine collection from residents of long-term care and retirement facilities
  • Companies in remote areas without easy access to lab collection
  • Caseworkers requiring client drug and/or alcohol collections (Ontario only)
  • Research coordinators requiring blood/urine /ECG collections
What are the eligibility requirements?

At the request of a BC registered physician, LifeLabs mobile lab staff will visit homebound customers to collect specimens for diagnostic testing at no extra charge. This mobile lab service (MLS) is reserved for patients who – for health reasons – are unable to attend one of our patient service centres.

We only provide this mobile service at the request of physicians who are clients of LifeLabs.

MLS service will be provided to the following customers:

  • Customers who are unable to leave their home for outside appointments due to physical immobility.
  • Customers for whom mobility causes physical/mental hardship and/or pain.
  • Customers with conditions that may pose a significant health risk to the public (ie rubella, chicken pox)  
  • Customers who are currently cared for in Long Term Care Facilities.

MLS is not available under the following circumstances:

  • Customers who ask for it because they have transportation difficulties (i.e. inclement weather, no personal vehicle.
  • Customers who ask for it for personal convenience so they don’t have to go to a patient service centre.
  • LifeLabs encourages customers and family members to deliver personally collected samples to our Patient Service Centre sites (eg urine, stool, and sputum samples).
  • If our mobile lab staff member feels either verbally or physically threatened in any way, by the customer, anyone in the household, or the family pet.
  • If the customer has returned to work or is able to leave their home unassisted.

Compliance: promotes greater compliance in the workplace

Cost effective: reduction in employee down time

Convenient: on site service at your location making it convenient for anyone requiring lab testing including, employees, patients and residents.

To book Mobile Lab Services for a corporate customers, please refer to the below contact information.

Location Inquiries – Phone
Lower Mainland 604-939-7352
Kamloops 250-374-1644 ext. 3
Prince George 1-250-881-3113
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