Energizing and Supporting Our Communities

Our team members are profoundly committed to both their professional endeavours and their local communities. They consistently demonstrate an exceptional willingness to step up and provide assistance, whether in the face of natural disasters, fundraising efforts, or advancements in diagnostic science.


Advancing Knowledge in the Diagnostics Community

In September, LifeLabs hosted its fourth annual healthcare providers conference in British Columbia — the first one since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in early 2020.

The evening included a catered dinner as LifeLabs’ doctors presented on a number of topics ranging from genetic testing in pregnancy to hyponatremia to sexually transmitted infections.

More than 100 physicians, nurse practitioners, and naturopaths attended. “There were many thoughtful questions and lively discussions,” says Dr. Diana Whellams, Medical Doctor, Microbiology, who presented at the conference. “These events help to foster collaborative relationships with practitioners that, ultimately, lead to better diagnosis and care.”

Helping Kids with Cancer Navigate their First Blood Test

LifeLabs donated 100 copies of the children’s book Matthew Goes For a Blood Test to the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO).

The book was written and published by LifeLabs team member Mary-Ann Hilderley, who works at the Patient Services Centre in Shelburne, Ontario. Mary-Ann, who has 20 years of experience as a phlebotomist, wrote the book to help parents and children prepare for and reduce anxiety around blood testing.



Contributing to Emergency Relief Efforts

In the aftermath of hurricane fiona, the destructive category four storm that hit eastern canada in september 2022, LifeLabs stepped up to help.

Staff raised $5,000 through various initiatives, including a bake sale and raffle, to contribute to a relief fund run by the Canadian Red Cross. LifeLabs topped this up with a $15,000 corporate donation. The relief fund helped to provide emergency shelter, supplies, and financial assistance to thousands of Canadian households impacted by the storm. LifeLabs’ donation was also matched by the federal government, doubling its impact.

Supporting Canadian Charities

LifeLabs’ teams are committed to a variety of charities and causes that are near and dear to their hearts. Funds raised through volunteer efforts are amplified by LifeLabs’ Employee Giving Program, which matches employee donations by 50% up to $200 per donation.

The Chemistry team at the Kennedy Reference Laboratory in Ontario participated in the annual Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Ride for Heart fundraiser. To make the event more exciting, they rode tricycles instead of bikes. “It was a great team-builder,” says team supervisor, Evelyn York. The team raised over $10,000, including LifeLabs’ matching contribution.

Our annual team-led Movember campaign raised over $10,000 through the Employee Giving Program. LifeLabs’ participation in this national fundraiser included an internal campaign to raise awareness. Employees submitted photos of themselves with moustaches — or sporting LifeLabs moustache stickers — and some wrote testimonials about why the cause is important to them.

During the holiday season, LifeLabs’ spirit of giving is often in full swing. Our team in London, Ontario, worked closely with a local women’s shelter to provide a single mother with a gift card for necessities such as gas and groceries. They also donated gifts and gift-wrapping supplies for the woman’s two daughters. In addition, the team ran a raffle, bake sale, and silent auction to raise money for a Christmas food box for everyone at the shelter. In Belleville, Ontario, the Adam Street PSC team participated in a local Christmas Sharing program, which helps families meet food costs during the holidays. The team also ran a clothing drive to collect warm winterwear for a local women’s shelter.

While national events and holidays are wonderful opportunities to mobilize volunteers and donations, our teams often create their own initiatives that continue year-round. Trevor Leighton Martin, a courier working in Etobicoke, Ontario, regularly collects food and gently used clothing from his colleagues to donate to Youth Without Shelter, which provides emergency residence and other support to people aged 16-24. With contributions from teams at several Etobicoke locations, Leighton has collected over 1,100 pounds of food and clothing over the past few years.