LifeLabs’ people have earned the trust of Canadians. We strive to empower Canadians in their healthcare decisions by providing accessible, accurate, and innovative diagnostic services.

We were incredibly honoured when LifeLabs was chosen as Canada’s most trusted brand in health diagnostics in a 2022 survey of 16,000 households in British Columbia and Ontario. Of course, when Canadians say they trust LifeLabs, they are really saying they trust the people who work here. I am so proud and grateful to see our team receive this outstanding recognition. It is a testament to the fact that every day, our people truly live and breathe LifeLabs’ values as one caring, agile, and customer-centred team. LifeLabs’ customers most often interact with the skilled and caring teams in our Patient Services Centres. But there are many other teams working in laboratories, logistics, facilities, administration, information technology, and additional functions–who play an equally important part in providing high-quality, fast, and convenient diagnostic services.

On any given day, more than 7,000 LifeLabs employees across Canada are working seamlessly together to collect specimens, deliver them to labs, perform sophisticated tests, and make the results available online while protecting the security and privacy of customer information. Meanwhile, our dedicated administrative teams are busy behind the scenes, making sure employees are well-trained, equipped with up-to-date technology, and have efficient, well-maintained facilities to work in.

As CEO, a key part of my role is to make sure that LifeLabs, as an organization, empowers all our people. We are committed to ensuring an equitable and inclusive workplace, supporting employees’ health and resilience, welcoming diversity of thoughts and ideas, and demonstrating how much we value our teams’ contributions and commitment. We celebrate the fact that our people, while diverse in background, find common purpose in their passion for quality, in their incredible energy and resilience, and in their shared commitment to the health and well-being of Canadians. In this Community Report, we’ll introduce you to many of these talented, adaptable individuals. You’ll read about the ways our people demonstrate care for their communities, pivot with agility to deal with unexpected events and pull together as one team to provide exceptional customer service.

I know you’ll be as impressed as I am.