Becoming a sustainable company means having a robust management system that ensures we are taking a holistic, transparent approach to sustainability. From regulatory compliance to engaged staff endorsing and supporting our efforts, sustainability is becoming the way we do business.

Sustainability is the new frontier for innovation: finding new ways to lower costs by reducing air waste, reducing our inputs, and making a positive impact on the environment and community. To do this effectively requires a system which integrates our environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic, transparent and planned manner. 

Our Sustainable Management System is the framework with which we:

  • Define our policy and commitments to the environment and communities in which we operate in
  • Set targets and goals
  • Measure progress
  • Conduct audits
  • Implement Programs
  • Analyze and improve our performance from lessons learned
  • Engage with Stakeholders

We reference our Sustainable Management System to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and ISO 14001: 2015 standards