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Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

You are just six steps away from having HPV test results:


Check that your doctor can send us your sample


Pay for the
test online


Access personalized requisition from your email


Have your healthcare provider complete and sign the requisition


Have your sample collected by your doctor


Get your

Step 1

Check with your doctor

Your HPV cervical sample will be collected by your healthcare provider at their clinic, in the same manner as a Pap test. Call their office to ensure that your sample will be sent to LifeLabs for processing. LifeLabs won’t be able to process any HPV samples that are sent to another lab by your physician’s office.

Customers in BC: If you are based in British Columbia, your healthcare provider must order the HPV collection device directly from the LifeLabs BC courier department, before they can collect your sample. Talk to your healthcare provider to ensure they have devices available when you make your HPV appointment at their clinic. Your physican can find information on ordering supplies through our supplies portal.

Step 2

Test Payment

You can pay for the HPV test online. The cost for the test is $90. Tests are refundable up until the time you have your sample taken. HPV testing could be covered under some private healthcare insurance plans. Please check with your insurance provider before paying. By clicking the pay for test button below, you will be taken to LifeLabs e-commerce store. Please select Ontario or British Columbia depending on your province.

Step 3

Access personalized requisition from your email

You will receive your personalized requisition in the confirmation email after paying for the test online. This requisition will be personalized to your order.

Step 4

Have requisition signed by your healthcare provider

On the day of your HPV appointment, print and bring the requisition form you received in the order email to your healthcare provider for signing. Requisitions not signed by a healthcare provider will not be processed and our staff will not be able to process the sample(s).

Step 5

Provide a sample

Your HPV cervical sample will be collected by your healthcare provider at their clinic. Once signed, your requisition and your sample should be sent together by your doctor directly to LifeLabs.

Customers in BC: In some circumstances, your physician may be able to ship the sample directly to LifeLabs, but in others you may need to drop it off at the nearest Patient Service Centre. Once your physician has the collection kit, they will provide direction at your appointment.

Step 6

Get your results

Your test results will be sent directly to your healthcare provider. Most test results will be reported to your physician/healthcare provider within 10 business days of sample collection.

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