How To Order

COVID-19 Antibody (Serology) Test

You are just five steps away from your COVID-19 Antibody results:


Pay for the
test online


Access personalized requisition from your email


Have your healthcare provider complete and sign the requisition


Make an appointment at a select LifeLabs location


Get your

Step 1

Pay for the test

You can pay online for the COVID-19 Antibody test. The cost for the test is $75.


As a customer, you agree to the following:

  • I understand that a personalized requisition form will be emailed to me upon purchase and this requisition needs to be signed by a physician.
  • I understand that a physician may refuse to sign a requisition or may charge me separately for any consultations they provide for COVID-19 Antibody testing. It is my responsibility to find a physician and confirm they will sign the requisition.
  • I understand that although the current test meets the requirements for travel to China, those requirements may change. I accept the risk of this change. LifeLabs will not be liable for changes to travel criteria.
  • I understand that I need to visit a LifeLabs patient service centre to get my blood collection done
  • I understand that although LifeLabs will normally be able to report my results to my physician within 1-2 business days, events outside of LifeLabs’ control may affect LifeLabs’ ability to meet this turnaround time.
  • I understand that results will be sent to my physician and that LifeLabs has no control over how long it will take for my physician to share results with me. It is my responsibility to get my results from my physician.
  • I understand that I can use my requisition for a single antibody blood draw appointment anytime within the next 6 months.
  • I understand that there will be a 5% processing fee for a refund.

If you require COVID-19 Antibody (serology) testing for flight clearance, please click here

Step 2

Access personalized requisition from your email

You will receive your personalized requisition in the confirmation email after paying for the test online. This requisition will be personalized to your order, and is used by our staff to verify your online payment.

Step 3

Have requisition signed by your healthcare provider

Get the requisition form you received in the order email signed by your healthcare provider. Requisitions not signed by a healthcare provider will not be processed and our staff will not be able to do your blood draw. Please ensure your provider signs your personalized requisition you received in the email. No other form can be used to verify your online payment!
As many healthcare providers are consulting with patients virtually or via phone appointment, ask them how best to share your personalized requisition with them for signing.

Step 4

Make an appointment at a select LifeLabs location

An appointment is recommended for COVID-19 antibody test, although walk-ins are welcome.
You must bring your signed requisition form to your chosen LifeLabs location.
Please note: You must bring the same requisition you downloaded and had signed by your healthcare provider to LifeLabs in order for us to process your test.
*To get tested in the Okanagan region via Valley Medical Laboratories there will be a $25 collection fee. Click here to access the required payment form and results will be reported within 5-8 days to your physician.

Step 5

Get your results

Your test results will be sent directly to your healthcare provider. Most test results will be reported to your physician/healthcare provider within 1-2 business days of sample collection.

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