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Ordering Lab tests not listed on the requisition form

If you want to order a lab test that is not listed on the requisition form e.g. Malaria screen, please ensure that you write the specific test on the requisition form under Additional Tests / Instructions (see below). Indicating the diagnosis e.g. Malaria is not sufficient as MSP guidelines require physicians to specifically order the test on the requisition form.

Collection of urine specimens from indwelling catheters

Please remind your patients with standing orders for urine C&S, as well as their caregivers, not to collect the sample from the urine bag because:

  • Microbiological information reported on a urine (bag) sample is unhelpful / misleading, and
  • If mixed flora is reported, leads to a request for a properly collected specimen and as a result, potentially delaying treatment.

Urine should be collected from the catheter collection port after cleansing the port with 70% alcohol.

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Help protect yourself & others by wearing a mask

As recommended by Public Health Agency of Canada, we're asking all customers who can to wear a non-medical mask or face covering as an added safety precaution while in our patient service centres.

Thank you for your cooperation!