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Sample Stability and Reporting

Sample stability studies have shown that FIT samples are stable up to 14 days after collection if they are refrigerated, and will consistently produce valid results during that time frame. In future, FIT samples will be processed up to 30 days after collection, but NEGATIVE results from samples collected 15 to 30 days before will be appended with the following comment:“Negative. As sample was returned more than 14 days after collection, result may be invalid and should be repeated.”.It is the clinician’s responsibility to reorder the FIT if this comment is appended to the report. Positive results from FIT samples tested up to 30 days after collection are still valid. Specimens received after 30 days will not be tested and must be repeated; again the report will indicate that the sample is invalid and it is the clinician’s responsibility to reorder the FIT.

Dr. Cheryl Tomalty, Clinical Biochemist

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