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At LifeLabs, we as pathologists see it as a very important component of our service to keep you, our colleagues, informed about the latest news on the lab front. The Physicians’ Newsletter has enabled us to do so for many years. As part of our vision for the future, we decided to change our newsletter’s name and what time is better to introduce it than the first edition of a brand new year! The new name indicates that the information is lab-related, whereas the term newsletter is not specific to the laboratory.

The changes do not stop with our new name though. Traditionally, we have had four editions of the newsletter each year, but starting this year, we will be adding an extra edition. Now you can expect a new edition every two months; however, over the summer months, we will take a break with you. Another new feature will be short patient case presentations focusing on common diseases. It will include a typical case history, findings on physical examination and pertinent lab findings. This will be followed by a short discussion and a box highlighting the “pearls” of the disease.We have even more new features planned but will keep them as a surprise! We value your feedback and therefore, if you have any comments or requests, please send an e-mail to the editor. 

Dr. Colette Pienaar, Editor-in-Chief

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