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Staff Changes in Anatomic Pathology

Dr. Terry Colgan and Dr. Mona Kamel have joined the Medical-Scientific staff at LifeLabs. Dr. Colgan will be the Discipline Head for the Histology laboratory, while Dr. Kamel will assume the same role in Cytology. They will both play a significant role in the Quality Assurance program in Anatomic Pathology. This will also allow for changes to take place in our delivery of Gynecological Surgical Pathology. Effective November 13. 2017, we will be moving to a model where only trained Gynecological pathologists will be reporting our gynecological surgical pathology. This specialty is evolving quickly and we feel that this will provide a higher level of quality in the reporting of this branch of pathology.

Changes to HPV Reporting 

Effective January 1. 2018, we will be changing our HPV reporting to be in line with the current Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) Guidelines. We currently have based our reporting on the ASCCP Consensus Guidelines, Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, Volume 17, Number 5, 2013. We felt, at the time we started co-reporting HPV with our PAP tests, that these guidelines gave the best possible follow-up for our patients. We now are of the opinion that the CCO guidelines provide for similar follow-up. There is really only one significant change.

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