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High Sensitivity Troponin T

On May 16th 2016, Mainland LifeLabs will be implementing high sensitivity Troponin T testing (hsTnT) and discontinuing the previous Troponin I test (cTnI). This will align our testing with hospitals such as St Paul’s.
The hsTnT assay reliably measures small elevations of this cardiac marker which are undetectable using previous Troponin assays.Note that the units of measure for hsTnT (ng/L) provide numerical results that are 1000x greater than for the previous cTnI (ug/L). The reference limit is set at the 99th percentile.

Some dialysis clinics monitor Troponin levels to set base lines for their patients. This allows Troponin to be used as a marker for AMI in this population. As Troponin T accumulates to a greater extent than Troponin I with decreasing renal function, it is important that patients’ baselines be re-established if they are being periodically tested at LifeLabs. Since hospitals in BC may be using either hsTnT or cTnI, the choice of lab for establishing baselines should be done in consideration of the local hospital testing method.

Kent Dooley, PhD, FCACB, Clinical Biochemist

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