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New Chemistry & Immunochemistry Analyzers

LifeLabs is introducing new instrumentation for routine Chemistry and Imm nochemistry testing. This is part of the continued integration of the LifeLabs and CML laboratories and will result in the standardization of major components of routine chemistry lab methods and reporting.

  • Transition to the new line of instruments will begin in mid-August, 2016, occurring in phases across the province and will be completed by summer 2017. At the appropriate time, a message will appear on lab reports to indicate that the change has taken place.
  • The reference intervals will change for some tests. Reference intervals accompanying the patient report are deemed to be correct and should be used to interpret results. During the transition period, reference intervals
    will be removed from our on-line Test Information Directory.
  • A complete list of tests being converted will be posted on our website at the time of implementation in August 2016.

By Peter Catomeris PhD FCACB Clinical Biochemist

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