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LifeLabs Healthcare Providers’ Conference

LifeLabs invites physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners to an intensive one day conference to better interface clinical practice with Lab Medicine. Through case-based examples and literature reviews, local experts will cover the following topics:

  • Phone a Friend: The Interface between Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Practice – cases from everyday practice
  • Choosing Wisely – Using diagnostic tests appropriately.
  • Toxicology—Drug testing in substance use disorder patients.
  • Haematology Potpourri – NOACs, coagulation monitoring and common cases.
  • What’s new in infectious diseases diagnosis—New viruses, STIs, and syndromic testing.
  • The Diagnostic Management Team model – How it can help clinicians. Perspectives from Galveston, TX.
  • Decision support and eOrdering – First, do no harm.
  • The Genomics Revolution—Applications in the real world, such as non-invasive prenatal testing, cancer diagnosis, microbiology, pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.
  • What would you do? A panel discussion of diagnostic dilemmas.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between clinical and laboratory medicine. Often seen as a “black box,” we aim to demystify the laboratory and to establish better access to laboratory medicine expertise.

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