Community Report

Innovating to Empower a Healthier You

We are able to respond quickly and effectively when the situation changes, because our decisions are guided by purpose.
Being agile means being able to instantly change direction so you can successfully meet a challenge or an opportunity — think of a basketball forward’s perfect pivot or a hockey goalie’s miraculous save. At LifeLabs, being agile means anticipating and rapidly responding to changes in customer needs and the health care landscape. True, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven more change than usual, but LifeLabs has always embraced ingenuity and innovation. It’s deeply embedded in our culture, along with the hard work and adaptability that make it possible for us to stay agile -- to turn on a dime and be there when we’re needed most to help keep Canadians healthy.

Advancing the Fight Against COVID-19

It’s clear that testing is one of the most useful tools a government has to help manage diseases, and our provincial government partners recognized this when they turned to LifeLabs when the pandemic was declared. We responded with equal speed, quality and agility by ramping up COVID-19 testing in a matter of weeks. The effort was mighty with all hands on deck, working 24/7, to make it happen, but we are proud to be a partner on the front-lines supporting our health care system during this urgent public health care need.

Here’s what it looked like behind the scenes, as we prepared to receive the first batch of COVID-19 tests…