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Direct Patient Care

Every day 79,000 patients count on us to collect samples and conduct testing. We see patients across our network of Patient Service Centres, as well as in their homes, offices, long-term care facilities and retirement residences through our mobile lab services. From the moment we say hello, through to the preparation of specimens for transportation, these teams are not only the public face of LifeLabs, they are also the first critical step in ensuring patients receive diagnostic information.

Members of our Patient Service Centres and Mobile Lab Services teams are:

  • Outgoing and enjoy working with people
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Excellent communicators
  • Trained in phlebotomy
  • Dedicated to maintaining the strictest stands of patient privacy and confidentiality
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Meet Members of Our Team

For as long as I can remember, I’ve worked in two or three jobs at the same time. When I first graduated, I made my living as a photographer, but photography was never a full-time business for me. I’ve worked in retail, and then quit to focus my career in the healthcare sector. I went back to school to train as a phlebotomist, a fancy way of saying that I draw blood from patients. I did my work placement at LifeLabs, and there was no going back after that. What I love about my role at LifeLabs is the interaction with patients at the service centre. I’m an extrovert and I like meeting new patients and having conversations with them. For me, hearing about life stories from my patients is the highlight of my job here at LifeLabs. The best part of my day is when I get to see patients leave with a smile. I just got married, and my husband and I no longer live close to the patient service centre where I work in Brampton, but the commute is worth it so that I can continue to serve my patients.
-Arti Mistry

After I gave birth to my son, I struggled between part-time jobs. I was very fortunate to have my family help with the upbringing of my son, especially mom, who was from Colombia. I knew I needed a job that could provide work-life balance in a sector that I was passionate about. My son has always motivated me to do better and improve myself. One day, I saw an ad for a college with a technician program. That was the first time I learned about what a medical lab technician does. I enrolled in the MLT assistant program, and really enjoyed it. My work placement there landed me at LifeLabs. That was three years ago. My work at a Patient Service Centre involves everything required in providing an exceptional service to patients. I receive their requisitions, sort them, follow up with their physicians, draw their blood, and process their samples so that they can get their results in a timely manner. Recently, my supervisor showed me how to take the temperature of the centrifuge. I never knew how to do that before, and I found it so interesting. I’m so pleased that I’m still learning, and playing a key role in improving patient care. With every opportunity, I feel such gratitude to LifeLabs. When I first got hired, I didn’t know what to expect. I took whatever shift I could to build my experience and to keep learning. Gradually I explained to my supervisor that I needed a flexible schedule so that I can spend more time with my son. LifeLabs was able to accommodate my request. With children, it’s hard and you need that flexibility. It’s been a long road and long journey, for both my son and I, and I’m glad that I ended up at LifeLabs.
-Karina Krongh

Careers FAQs

Interested in joining the LifeLabs team but have a question? Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.