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Courier and Logistics

With over 382 collection centres, and a vast network of hospitals and government organizations, our courier network plays an important logistical role in connecting patients samples with our labs.
Transporting patient specimens to a testing facility is a responsibility that requires a focus on efficiency, quality, safety and customer service. Many of our couriers interact with our customers on a daily basis and are the face of LifeLabs. In this role you can support the delivery of a vital healthcare service to Canadians.

Meet Members of Our Team


I worked for the London Police Station for 27 years. I was still working there when I came close to retirement, and thought, what would I like to do now? I really like meeting people and serving where I live, and decided that I’d like to work for LifeLabs; it’s always been good to me and to the community. I went and applied and was called a week later to interview. Where I work now as a LifeLabs’ courier in London, we have 33 drivers. We have drivers that come down to Toronto to bring everything to the lab 7 times a day. Almost three years later, here I am, still really enjoying the job. I’ve never taken a sick day. I help cover shifts if someone gets sick because I want to do my part. I can’t do everything, but I want to be professional. That means a lot to me, that word: professional. It means integrity, because I’m serving human beings. Its people’s lives, you know? You and me, we get blood work maybe once a year, but there are some people that go every two days, and we don’t know what they have. We take a lot of things for granted, but some people, they try so hard. My grandson, he’s seven, he was born with one kidney, and I see people do the best with what they have. I do my part to help, if it comes from the heart, if I pull up to the plate, then I’ve helped. I look for different ways to help improve the way we operate at LifeLabs every day. That’s how it is with my family, too. My wife and me, we’ve been married 42 years. I married the love of my life, you know. She doesn’t drive and she didn’t want to drive. When her family came to Canada, they never got a car and she never learned how. When we met, I said to her, ‘don’t worry about driving, that’s why I’m here.
- John Frangos

Careers FAQs

Interested in joining the LifeLabs team but have a question? Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.