COVID-19 Workplace Solutions


What is Work Clear by LifeLabs ?

WorkClear™ by LifeLabs® is a COVID-19 turnkey solution for a safe return to work. We have applied our deep expertise to develop a complete COVID-19 workplace service solution to minimize the spread, and give your employees confidence in their return to work.

Our proven programs can include and or all of the following components:

  • Technology solution to manage symptom check-in and results from a computer or phone
  • Asymptomatic screening (testing), including collections, logistics, and results distribution
  • Assess options for onsite, off site, or home-based testing programs
  • Symptomatic screening, such as employee risk assessments and temperature screening​
  • Reporting and analytics​
  • Change management support​

LifeLabs’ Turnkey Solution


LafeLabs collected or observed group self collection; employer collected or observed self collection of Bilateral Nasal.


Web/app employee symptom screening questionnaire and reporting.

Rapid Antigen

Modular testing solution. Scalable solution. Each testing module can process up to 60 RA /hr.


PCR based testing program as well as reflex for positive RA. All Positive PCR are reflex to identify variants of concern.

Home-Based Solutions

Virtually supported home solutions to support field based staff, return to work testing and remote locations

Safe Return
to Work

Employee is safe to return to work confirmed by negative test.

Technology Solution & Management

Supplies and PPE management
Symptom check in
Schedule testing
Get results

Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid Antigen (RA) screening for COVID-19 in the workplace is quickly becoming an  important tool. RA identifies the asymptomatic or presymptomatic carriers of the COVID-19 virus at a point in their infection where their viral load is high and therefore, they are most likely to be shedding the virus and potentially infecting others.

While RA is less sensitive and won’t identify infected people as early as PCR testing, RA tests are less expensive, have a faster turnaround time, and are effective at detecting COVID-19 when the virus is most infectious, helping to stop the spread and providing a higher degree of confidence to your employees and your customers.

PCR Testing

PCR Testing

The widely accepted “gold standard” of COVID-19 testing utilizes real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR), which has a very low limit of detection (LoD). A lower limit of detection indicates greater analytic sensitivity, as the test can detect a positive result with fewer viral RNA copies per sample.

PCR-based tests are the best fit to prevent spread and confirm a suspected COVID-19 infection, as they have the low limit of detection necessary to identify a positive result at various stages of the disease even when viral load is very low.

Home-Based Solutions

Home-Based Solutions

LifeLabs offers a convenient self-collection PCR kit for employees to test for COVID-19 safely and easily in the comfort of their home. The kit contains a safe and easy to use minimal invasive swab, which they will insert 1-1.5cm into their nostrils. The kit will then be sealed, packaged, shipped via courier, and tested at a LifeLabs laboratory, providing you and the employee with results within 48 hours of receipt at our testing laboratory.

Our Technology Solution

Our Technology Solution

The WorkClear™ technology application provides easy to use web-based tools for both employers and employees.  With a simple interface for non-medical staff to monitor COVID-19 status, our employee application allows for self-registration, scheduling and confirmation of appointment slot, daily risk and symptom assessment, view test results, receive periodic testing reminders, and display their safety status. The self-assessment tool is built through Thrive Health in partnership with Health Canada, and has been used by millions of Canadians.  The employer application allows designated administrators to view each employee’s status through a central dashboard. Our platform is built on privacy and security industry standards to maintain the safety of personal health information. The technology is flexible and scalable and organizations can pick and choose the features that they’d like to use.

Return to work with confidence.

​As the world enters into a new normal, workplaces must equip themselves with new tools and processes that ensure employee health and safety. ​
Let LifeLabs partner with your organization, ensuring you and your employees enjoy the highest standard of confidence when returning to work.

LifeLabs’ Expertise and Service Offerings

LifeLabs provinces a full service solution for all your diagnostic testing needs.

Sevices Delivery

Patient-facing service delivery including screening, collections, reporting and customer support. Accessible services across multiple provinces.


Staffing and training to conduct screening, collections, testing and reporting. Compliance with LifeLabs infection control and safety protocols and public health safety protocols.

Supply Chain

Validate equipment to ensure in line with lab standards. Manage logistics and procurement of screening, collection and testing materials.

Medical Science & Quality Management

Provide quality management and oversight of screening, collection and testing processes. Compliant with BC’s and Accreditation Canada Diagnostics’ accreditation standard for high quality and safe testing. Internationally recognized through the College of American Pathologists.


Streamlined report distribution options. Integrated lab testing results with provincial laboratory information systems. Easy to use web-based tools.