Greenhouse gases are changing our planet and we are doing our part to reduce our impact through transportation, air emissions and energy efficiencies.

Healthcare can take a tremendous toll on our environment. We rely on processes that generate air and water-based emissions and use of natural resources in testing and diagnostics. Over time, without proper management and planning, this can adversely affect our environment. With a belief that every action has the potential to spark positive change, we are taking steps to reduce our impact and be part of a movement taking action against climate change.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

With 500 LifeLabs vehicles on the roads of British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan every day, we have a tremendous responsibility, and opportunity, to make a positive impact on the environment. Last year we did just that by rolling out a fleet of hybrid vehicles.

Sustainability Image


Sustainability Image

Chances are you’ve seen a LifeLabs vehicle on the road recently. Our dedicated courier and mobile teams and fleet of 500 vehicles travel over 1.7 million kilometres each month across British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. In a single year, our cars travel enough distance to get to the moon and back over 25 times!

With that in mind, we have made an environmental commitment to minimize our carbon footprint and reaffirm our responsibility to employee safety. LifeLabs has initiated a program to roll out a number of hybrid vehicles into the fleet used by our extensive network of couriers and mobile phlebotomists.


The introduction of hybrid cars will help us create an environmentally friendly fleet that will see us reduce air pollution and reduce harmful emissions – something we feel very passionate about. By improving air quality and reducing dependency on fossil fuels, the LifeLabs environmentally friendly fleet will save a substantial amount of gas while significantly cutting CO2 emissions.

I’m proud that we are starting to make the shift towards using hybrid vehicles.I spend roughly 30 hours on the road each week, and I feel like I am making a difference in my own community by making the air cleaner and healthier for everyone, including myself.
Abuzar Ansari-one of the first team members to drive a vehicle from the environmentally friendly fleet

Power Smart

What difference can a simple light bulb make? About 80% less energy. When you multiple that by 2,200 fixtures, that’s a lot of energy savings! Not only does that save energy, but reduces the amount of pollution created, resources to help make that energy, and helps us minimize our environmental footprint. Small changes like changing light bulbs can have huge impacts!

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