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LifeLabs is launching the Infectious Diarrhea Panel (IDP) on September 18 2023

August 29 2023
The Infectious Diarrhea Panel (IDP) is a molecular panel test that replaces three separate tests for stool culture, O&P and C.difficile. It tests over 14 of the most common viruses, bacteria and protozoa that cause diarrhea.

What are the benefits to using the Infectious Diarrhea Panel?

  • IDP is more sensitive than culture and microscopy.
  • Results will generally be available sooner
  • IDP is more comprehensive – it detects the most common viral causes of diarrhea including Norovirus and Rotavirus.
  • A single collection swab instead of three different containers is more convenient for patients.
  • The entire Province of BC has moved toward this technology.
  • Please refer to “BC GPAC Infectious Diarrhea Guidelines


How to Order a Test

  • Order the test by writing in “IDP” or “Infectious Diarrhea Panel” in the OTHER TESTS section of the standard lab requisition.
  • Any orders for Stool for C&S or O&P will automatically be substituted with the IDP
  • Stool samples should be collected with a single fecal swab sample (link to collection device instructions) that replaces multiple different stool collection devices:
  • If you require collection devices, please visit and click the heading “Supplies” under the “Healthcare Providers” tab for ordering forms or call the Customer Care Centre at 1-800-431-7206. 


Things to Know

  • Although comprehensive, the IDP does not test for everything. If you are concerned about a particular organism that the IDP does not cover, please contact the Medical Microbiologist on call at 1-800-431-7206
  • IDP does not test for worms/helminths. Worms usually do not cause diarrhea. However, if you have a patient where there is a concern for enteric worm infection, please order this separately by writing in OTHER TESTS “Stool Microscopy”. Stool for microscopy must be collected in a formalin fixative (SAF) container. If you do not have these at your office, you can order them from LifeLabs or send your patient to your local Patient Service Centre with a signed lab requisition and the appropriate container will be provided.


For additional questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-800-431-7206 or submit an inquiry here.


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    Pre-Departure testing now available from the comfort of your home with MyVisit (Currently Greater Toronto Area only)

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    MyVisit Pre-departure testing offers:

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    Pre-Departure testing

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