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A new experience
is here!

A new way to view your results,
book your appointment, - and more! - is here.

For patients in BC using my ehealth, we’ve made some changes to bring you a better experience!

Now you’ll be able to view your results, save your spot, and book your LifeLabs appointments online, all in one convenient place, with one easy log-in. Go to my ehealth. Learn about the changes by watching a video tour.


Accounts and Login

  • Important → The my ehealth login ID and password may be different from your booking account.
  • If you don’t remember your my ehealth™ password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the Login page.
  • If you don’t already have a my ehealth login account you can easily create a new account.



  • Any appointments from the previous booking system are still active and can be viewed during a 90 day transition period.
  • New appointments must be made with my ehealth.
  • To minimize your wait time at LifeLabs patient service centres, we recommend booking an appointment or saving your spot before arriving at the lab. First find your preferred location and then use the Book Appointment or Save My Spot™ buttons.


Save My Spot™ 

  • Save My Spot™ is a new LifeLabs online check-in service to reduce your wait time when you arrive at a selected LifeLabs location. With Save My Spot™, you can wait where you want!
  • Visit my ehealth or and use the Find a Location button to find the location you want to visit.
  • If the location is open and supports the Save My Spot™ service, you will see the ‘Save My Spot’ button.
  • Click the Save My Spot button and enter some basic information.
  • Click “Check In” and your spot is saved. Mind your wait time and come in close to when your time is up!
  • Once you come in, please confirm your arrival by speaking to a LifeLabs’ staff member.


Viewing Reports Online

  • To view lab reports and results online, you must register a lab or health care visit.
  • The person who you are registering must be 16+ and have visited a participating lab or health care centre within the last 30 days.
  • You will need the person’s personal information and information about their lab or health care visit.
  • Report registration requires that patient information must match exactly with the information on file with the lab/hospital

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