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COVID-19 has presented us with unprecedented times and difficult challenges for our health care professionals. We want to celebrate everyone who works in healthcare as heroes who have risen to the occasion every day to provide crucial services that help protect Canadians’ health during this pandemic.

We are so grateful to the members of our LifeLabs family and beyond for continuing to provide important testing services, in addition to testing for COVID-19, and for proactively taking on many other tasks to ensure everyone’s safety. There are so many other everyday heroes in healthcare we want to express our gratitude toward including those providing critical care in hospitals and long-term care homes. On this page, you will find photos, videos, and messages that celebrate our heroes, and you can also watch our social channels for our ‘thank-you’ letters’.

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Thank you to those who have already shared their messages of thanks to our healthcare heroes:

“I had a series of lab tests done over the past few weeks. The staff are ALWAYS pleasant, caring, and professional. They’re very conscientious about asking each arriving patient for possible COVID-19 exposure, or a cough/cold. It is reassuring when sitting in the waiting room.”
“With the global novel Coronavirus happening, special care was noted throughout your location, and it made me, and I am sure other patients, quite at ease. Everything was done fast and efficient. Thank you.”
“I brought my 6-year old with me and they were very accommodating with his curiosity. They’re also very prepared for this COVID pandemic. They took precautions to protect their staff in a high exposure environment.”
“The patients were kept apart and appointments were quickly done. Great work LifeLabs. Thank you for being there for us during this difficult time.”
“The staff were so sweet and kind. Amid all the craziness with COVID-19, they are there, doing their jobs, putting themselves and their families at risk every day, and they do it all with a smile on their faces. It was such a nice experience!”
“The staff were professional to everyone who came into the lab, and demonstrated kindness. Even with the Coronavirus, they were calm and composed.”
“Staff were well prepared. The site’s sanitization was very extensive from entry to exit of the premises. Staff were friendly, understanding, and helpful. Thank you.”
“I don’t get blood work done very often and am usually a bit nervous. Maria made me feel comfortable, and asked how I was doing. Before I knew it, she was done and I barely felt a pinch. She also gave me some practical advice on how to protect myself from the Coronavirus. Overall, it was a pleasant experience!”
“Very appreciative of staff working hard during the Coronavirus outbreak.”
“I had a great visit. They were very cautious and also used a lot of precautions. I’m thoroughly pleased with the Thorold location. It’s my go to for any and all LifeLabs testing.”
“Very impressed with how you’re dealing with the COVID-19 situation. Thank you all so much for what you do.”
“The staff handled all people equally well and maintained a good atmosphere. The clinician that did my blood sample was excellent, friendly and made me feel comfortable. Considering everything happening with COVID-19, I was more than impressed by all staff.”
“During this very scary time with COVID-19, I felt very safe at the LifeLabs I was in. The woman who took my blood was wearing a shield, a mask and a gown, so I felt comfortable knowing that all precautions were being taken in this facility; therefore, making me feel safe as well from catching anything. Thank you LifeLabs.”
“Service time was very fast and the staff were friendly and helpful. Shelley made me feel comfortable and took multiple vials of blood very quickly. I went in during the COVID-19 procedures and there were lots of precautious obviously in place.”
“We were seen almost immediately upon our arrival. Everyone was very friendly. There were 3 hand sanitizing stations before even getting to the front desk which eased our minds since the coronavirus is in full force.”
“My appointment went very smoothly and everyone was very friendly, even though we are all under a lot of stress with the COVID-19 pandemic situation.”