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On February 25, 2008 we will begin to copy test results to the Ontario Laboratory Information System (OLIS). We are proud that we have been selected as one of the initial community laboratories to participate in this initiative. As you may already know, all major community labs will be adopting OLIS within a few months of our start date.

What is OLIS

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) has forwarded information materials about OLIS to you, for both yourself and your patients. We have included a very brief description of OLIS for your added benefit.
OLIS is an initiative of the MOHLTC through its eHealth Program. It is the first step towards the establishment of province-wide electronic health records. Once the system is mature, all laboratories including community labs and hospitals will forward test results to OLIS where they will be available online to health care professionals. The great advantage of OLIS is that it will offer health care providers a secure, electronic, single point of access to all of a patient’s test results, regardless of which laboratory generated those results. Over time the MOHLTC anticipates that OLIS may evolve to be the common means of viewing test results electronically. In the interim, OLIS will provide an additional source of accessing test results. Viewing functionality is not expected to be available until sometime later this year.

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Your health & safety is important to us

Please note that face masks are mandatory at all times at all of our locations to ensure the health and safety of all customers and employees.

Please inform staff if you are unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition. 

Thank you for your cooperation!