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LifeLabs Provides Community Antibiograms For All LHINS In Ontario

LifeLabs Medical Laboratories is providing antibiograms for all Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) in Ontario.
The antibiograms contain information about cumulative susceptibility to the first line antibiotics against the most common organisms isolated from Urine and Non-Urine specimens (excluding surveillance) in each LHIN. For each patient, results are calculated based on the first isolate and excludes all repeat isolates.
Two reports are provided for each LHIN in Ontario. One report includes data from patient samples from the community and the other includes data from patient samples from the long term care facilities that LifeLabs services in each LHIN (excluding Hospitals).

The antibiograms provide extremely valuable information to support physicians in determining the most suitable empiric therapy in each community, long term care facility as well as in the Emergency Departments. It is also an invaluable tool for monitoring antibiotic resistance in Ontario.
The reports currently posted on LifeLabs website cover the period from January to December 2016. This information will be updated on an annual basis and will be posted on the LifeLabs website.

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