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Update and Introduction of Free Retests for Borderline Results

Screening for colorectal cancer is recommended every 1-2 years for individuals 50-75 years old with no known risk factors. LifeLabs offers the FIT screen, requiring only a single patient sample. Supported by extensive research findings, this screen method was approved by Health Canada and the US FDA to provide conclusive evidence for the presence or absence of blood in the stool. FIT offered by other laboratories may use different methodologies, requiring two samples collected on two different days to observe the approval conditions of regulating authorities.
Given its high sensitivity (100%) and specificity (99%) in detecting small amounts of human hemoglobin from adenomas and colorectal cancer lesions, LifeLabs’ single sample FIT assay is considered equivalent to the two sample assay offered elsewhere.

FIT results are reported as positive (> 115 ng / mL), negative (< 85 ng / mL) or borderline. As of May 1, 2012, LifeLabs will be offering a Free Retest kit to patients with borderline results upon physician approval. This offer will be valid for 3 months after the initial test with borderline result was ordered

Dr. Cheryl Tomalty, Clinical Biochemist

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