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Effective December 1, 2010 OHIP will change testing for 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D to an insured service for those meeting the eligibility criteria included on the OHIP requisition (osteopenia and osteoporosis; rickets; renal disease; malabsorption syndromes; and medications affecting Vitamin D metabolism). For all other requests, measurement of 25-hydroxy Vitamin D will be an uninsured service. The OHIP Laboratory Requisition was revised to correspond to this change.
As per the OHIP INFOBulletin #4522 issued on November 12th, it is the client’s responsibility to clearly indicate on the requisition if the Vitamin D test is required for your patient who has met the identified medical conditions or is for routine testing.

If the requisition does not indicate that the Vitamin D test is for insured indications, then OHIP cannot be charged for this test. In these cases, the patient will be responsible for payment of the test.
Supplies of the revised OHIP Laboratory Requisition may be obtained by downloading through the Ministry’s website:

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