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July 18 2022
LifeLabs reintroduces its Lactose Tolerance Hydrogen Breath Test

We’re pleased to share that LifeLabs has safely reintroduced its Lactose Tolerance Hydrogen Breath Test to its roster of tests for supporting gastrointestinal health.

Before ordering this test, please ensure that the patient has met the fasting criteria:

  • Patients must not eat, chew, or drink anything (except small sips of water) for 8-12 hours before an appointment).
  • Patients should also refrain from smoking or vaping for at least 2 hours prior to the test and avoid sleep or vigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes prior to the test.
  • Antibiotics should be avoided for 4 weeks prior to testing.

Lactose Tolerance Hydrogen Breath Test is currently available only in British Columbia. This test is offered at select locations by appointment only.

Please note that this test is not covered by MSP and that the patient will be responsible for payment.

If you have any questions, please contact 604-412-4495 or 1-855-412-4485.

Thank you,



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For rush results (NAAT within 12 hours and PCR within 24 hours)

  1. Order your FlyClear test and receive your FlyClear test requisition
  2. Book an appointment at a LifeLabs location below.
    • Bring your printed FlyClear requisition and Passport
    • Select your ordered Province’s Rush Test to start booking:
    British Columbia

    6084 Russ Baker Way
    Richmond near Airport

    COVID-19 PCR (24h) / Rush 12h NAAT


    6084 Russ Baker Way
    Richmond near Airport

    COVID-19 PCR (24h)
    Rush 12h NAAT
    Rapid Antigen (2h)

Pre-Departure testing now available from the comfort of your home with MyVisit (Currently Greater Toronto Area only)

  1. Order your FlyClear test and receive your FlyClear test requisition.
  2. Book your Home Visit appointment with the MyVisit portal or, if your flight is within the next five days, contact a MyVisit coordinator 1-416-993-9579 (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm EST)

MyVisit Pre-departure testing offers:

  • COVID-19 PCR/NAAT swab testing
  • COVID-19 Antibody Blood (serology) testing

The MyVisit fee is $80 per person.

Pre-Departure testing

Book your appointment online here. If your flight is within the next five days and you have received your FlyClear requisition, please contact a MyVisit coordinator 1-416-993-9579 (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm EST).

Your health & safety is important to us

Please note that face masks are mandatory at all times at all of our locations to ensure the health and safety of all customers and employees.

Please inform staff if you are unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition. 

Thank you for your cooperation!