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COVID-19 Screening & Consulting
for Businesses


What is ?

WorkClear by LifeLabs® is an evidence-based and customizable solution to help organizations in Canada manage and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmissions within workplaces and locations where physical distancing is difficult.

Our team can work with you to design and implement a customized solution, which could include any or all of the following components:​

  • Asymptomatic screening (testing), including collections, logistics, and results distribution
  • Assessment of Point of Care Testing utilization ​
  • Symptomatic screening, such as employee risk assessments and temperature screening​
  • Reporting and analytics​
  • Change management support​
  • Risk mitigation strategy planning, including cost-benefit analysis​

WorkClear is clearing the way for:

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Film and
TV production

​As Canada’s largest diagnostic services company, LifeLabs helps you and your employees build confidence by reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.​ ​ ​

Clinical expertise

Our evidence-based solutions can support risk reduction through systematic identification of symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers.


Building off our in-house expertise from staffing to diagnostic operations, to technology deployment and partnerships, we can provide a complete and-to-end solution.


Solutions will be developed and customized to each use case to meet the COVID-19 security needs of the location.

Confidence in the Results

The risk of false positives are increased in a low prevalence population. LifeLabs follows best laboratory practices to ensure the accuracy of our testing.

WorkClear reduces risk of workplace transmission of COVID-19 by identifying asymptomatic and symptomatic carriers.​ WorkClear Offers:

  • COVID-19 screening and testing for your employees.​
  • Streamlined management of employees’ health and safety, with integrated technology and management systems.​
  • The delivery of all lab test results to all appropriate health care stakeholders through integrated technology and information systems. ​
  • Evidence-based screening, collection and testing processes that meet compliance with accreditation standards for high quality, safe and accurate testing. ​
  • End-to-end solutions, from the back-end validation of equipment, logistics, procurement of screening, collection and testing materials to the front-end including staffing to support screening, collection and patient care services.​

Return to work with confidence.

​As the world enters into a new normal, workplaces must equip themselves with new tools and processes that ensure employee health and safety. ​
Let LifeLabs partner with your organization, ensuring you and your employees enjoy the highest standard of confidence when returning to work.