Self-collected COVID-19
PCR Testing for Individuals

Self-collected COVID-19 PCR Testing for Individuals

 LifeLabs® is now proud to offer a convenient and quality-focused solution for unobserved COVID-19 PCR screening at our two flagship locations in Ontario and BC.

COVID-19 PCR Unobserved, Self-collected testing is available for purchase at this location for customers who do not meet the eligibility criteria set by provincial PCR testing guidelines. Please review your province’s testing guidelines before proceeding.  PCR Screening tests through LifeLabs cost $100 + applicable tax per province. Please note that these tests are not refundable. Customers can pay for their PCR test when they arrive at the location, collect their own sample, and drop it off at the same time. For added convenience, results will typically be available on the ClearPass web app within 24 hours. 



British Columbia

Hours of Operation 10 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week 8 am to 4 pm, 7 days a week
Parking Address 40 Voyager Court North, Etobicoke, ON at the Sri Sathya Sai Center of Toronto-York Church. 6084 Russ Baker Way, Richmond, BC V7B 1B4, Canada
Testing Address From parking, it is a short 2-minute walk to the testing centre at 30 International Blvd. You will enter the building using the front entrance that faces International Blvd. 6084 Russ Baker Way, Richmond, BC V7B 1B4, Canada
You will enter the building using the ClearPass entrance

This self-collection is unobserved and does not meet travel clearance requirements. If you require a PCR test for travel, click here to purchase a FlyClearTM pre-departure test.

To purchase a COVID-19 home PCR self-collection kit click here

PCR Screening Process

Step 1 – Create and verify your account.

a. Create your account

Ontario residents use: ClearPass-ON

British Columbia residents use: ClearPass-BC

  • Click on “Sign up” to create account
  • Enter your e-mail address. Create and confirm password, and click “Create Account” 
  • Select your language of preference  

b. Verify your account

  • Login to your e-mail account, you should see the email from Thrive Health  ( Click on it to open the email message. 
  • Click on “Verify Email Address”  and the ClearPass app will be opened in a separate tab. 
  • You will see a green checkmark indicating your account is verified. Click on the “Continue” button to proceed to registration.

Step 2 – Register

  • In the ClearPass app click “Confirm” to be connected to the organization
    • For Ontario it will display “ONPCR-NonTravel” as the registration code
    • For BC it will display “BCPCR-NonTravel” as the registration code
  • Set up your profile by clicking “My Profile”.
  • Confirm you want to be a part of the org by clicking “Confirm”  
  • Enter in the following required fields:  Given Name, Last Name, DOB, and Sex. 
  • Click “Finish Registration”  

Note: If you were unable to register on ClearPass portal, please proceed to our 30 International Blvd (ON) or Russ Baker Way (BC) location, and a LifeLabs staff will help you complete your registration on site.   

Step 3 – Get Tested

Arrive at the test location for your province.  Proceed to the registration desk to pay for your test.

​Payment for your self-collected COVID-19 PCR must be made on site. PCR Screening tests through LifeLabs cost $100 + applicable tax per test and is not refundable. This includes the appointment for sample collection and your test results.​ 

Currently, we accept Debit, VISA and MasterCard at checkout. As per our safety protocols, we’re not accepting cash at this time. Face masks are required to be worn at all times along with maintaining social distancing at all LifeLabs locations. Hand sanitizer will be available on site. 

Click here  to watch an instructional video for a quick demonstration of sample collection 

Step 4 – Obtain your results 

LifeLabs aims to make your results available to you within 24 hours of your sample collection. When your results are ready you will receive an email containing a secure link to your results in the ClearPass web app.

  • To access test results, please sign into your ClearPass account at on a desktop or mobile device with the username and password you created
  • The results will be displayed after clicking on “View results” or Click on the “Test Result” under the heading “COVID-19 Tests”
  • Click on “Download results PDF” found at the bottom of the page under the “Documents” heading

If more than 48 hours have passed since we received your sample, please send us an inquiry at: 

How to Self-Collect a PCR Sample


ClearPass Customer Support

If you have any questions or require support, please contact our customer service team.

If more than 48 hours have passed since we received your sample, please send us an inquiry at:

For Ontario residents:


Monday to Sunday 24/7.

For British Columbia Residents:


Monday to Sunday 24/7.