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Job Search & Career

LifeLabs is Canada's largest provider of community laboratory services with over 5,700 employees across Canada. We care about helping patients and healthcare providers, and they count on our expertise to map a journey towards better health outcomes. We are always looking for the brightest minds and caring hearts to join our team.
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Accreditation &

We have a relentless commitment to quality and work with provincial, national and international accreditation and licensing bodies to ensure we consistently deliver the standard patients and healthcare providers have come to expect from us.
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It is estimated that lab information can make up to 70% of a patient’s medical record. In fact, up to 80% of clinical treatment decisions are made based on lab test results.

At LifeLabs, it’s not enough to work with the latest laboratory technology if it doesn’t yield a high quality result that helps patient care. That’s why it’s our people who are so important.

Everyone at LifeLabs is focused on our vision of building a healthier Canada. Even if your role means you never see a patient, it’s the patient on the other end of the phone or represented in a tube of blood that keeps us all continuously improving. We can all make a difference in healthcare.

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    BC Biomedical Founded

    BC Biomedical was founded by Dr. Cam Coady in 1958, when he found hospital funding shortfalls handicapping the ability to provide an adequate spectrum of laboratory tests.
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    Metropolitan Bio Medical

    Metropolitan Biomedical Laboratories is founded in B.C. by Sid Zbarsky. A few years later Dr. Don Rix joins as a partner.
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    BC Biomedical main lab located in New Westminster

    The BC Biomedical main facility was located in New Westminster.
  • McNair Laboratories

    McNair Laboratories

    McNair Laboratories is founded in B.C. by Dr. Don Rix Laboratories began operations offering a full range of out-patient laboratory testing services.
  • MDS


    MDS is founded in Ontario by five entrepreneurs from IBM with a vision of providing business and systems support to healthcare professionals.
  • Toronto Medical Laboratories

    Toronto Medical Laboratories

    MDS acquires Toronto Medical Laboratories.
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    Canadian Medical Laboratories

    Canadian Medical Laboratories Limited, the entity that eventually becomes CML, was founded as a single laboratory in Simcoe, Ontario.
  • BC Biomedical Laboratories is formed through the amalgamation Westminster Physicians, Associated Clinical Laboratories.
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    BC Bio main lab moves to Burnaby

    Main BC Biomedical Lab moved to Burnaby location
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    MDS Metro

    Metro-McNair Clinical Laboratories, B.C. and MDS Metro in Ontario are formed.
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    MDS Metro new reference lab opens in Burnaby, B.C.

    MDS Metro began construction of a new reference lab in Burnaby in 1995 and moved in the following year.
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    BC Bio main lab moves to Surrey

    BC Bio main lab moves to Surrey and opens the Cam Coady Building.
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    Metro and BC Bio launch PathNet

    BC Bio and MDS Metro jointly launch PathNET which becomes the foundation for what is now known as Excelleris.
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    Canadian Medical Laboratories Ltd changes its name to CML

    Canadian Medical Laboratories Limited changes its name to CML HealthCare Inc. in recognition of the broader diagnostic healthcare services provided.
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    MDS officially becomes LifeLabs.

    LifeLabs officially became our new name.
  • LifeLabs completes purchase of BC Biomedical

    LifeLabs completes purchase of BC Biomedical

    LifeLabs completes purchase of BC Biomedical and BC Integration Program is launched.
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    CML HealthCare Inc. acquires Calgary-based Rocky Mountain Analytical.

    CML HealthCare announced the acquisition of Rocky Mountain Analytical (RMA), the leading Canadian provider of specialized clinical laboratory .
  • CML hits a homerun with Microbiology Automation

    CML hits a homerun with Microbiology Automation

    BD Kiestra Microbiology Platform installed at Kennedy Laboratory in Mississauga, O.N. the largest installation in the world and the first of its kind in Canada.
  • Through a partnership with Abbott and Roche Diagnostics, begin the installation of state-of-the-art automated chemistry testing platforms at reference labs in B.C. and Ontario.
  • Open the largest privately-owned genetics laboratory in Canada as part of LifeLabs Genetics.
  • Announce $150,000 sponsorship of Pacific Autism Family Centre Foundation.
  • Develop the proprietary Comprehensive Drug Analysis for the rapid and comprehensive detection of prescription and street drug.
  • Launch Canada’s first specialized program for patients with autism spectrum disorder, Serving Patients with Autism.
  • Named as the new provider of community laboratory collection services for the residents of the Regina and Saskatoon.
  • Receive the Partner Recognition Award in Environmental Excellence from Practice Greenhealth.
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Contact Us

LifeLabs is committed to constantly improving our quality of service. If you need assistance, or have comments, concerns or suggestions, please choose from the topics below. Call our Customer Care Centre!
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Need a Lab Test?

Lab tests have never been easier! In just 4 steps, you can be better connected to your health and have the information you need to make decisions with your healthcare provider.
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Privacy Policy

Enhanced patient care delivery depends on a relationship of trust between our clients and staff. At LifeLabs, we respect your rights to access your personal health information and we work to ensure that personal health information is kept confidential while in our care.

  • Accountability: We are accountable to protect and safeguard your personal health information we collect, use and disclose. LifeLabs ensures that current privacy policies and procedures established are compliant with privacy legislation. Our Privacy Office conducts annual privacy training for staff, and conducts ongoing audits of our staff access to your personal health information. Our Privacy Office is available to respond to your privacy questions or concerns.
  • Identifying Purposes: We will identify the purpose for which personal information is collected at or before the time the information is collected.
  • Consent: LifeLabs operates on the order of your health care provider; therefore, consent may be implied for some defined circumstances. For example, when you visit one of our patient service centres with a test requisition from your physician, we rely on your implied consent not only to carry out those tests but to collect, use and disclose your personal health information in order to share the results with your health care providers. LifeLabs also posts notices in our patient service areas to advise you of the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose your personal health information. In some instances, LifeLabs will obtain your express consent when we collect, use and disclose your personal health information.
  • Limiting Collection: LifeLabs will limit the collection of personal health information to that which is necessary for the authorized purposes identified. Information will be collected by fair and lawful means.
  • Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention: Personal health information will not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which the information is collected or as required or permitted by law.

    As part of our delivery of care, we partner with other accredited lab facilities within the United States. We may securely share your information with these labs for the purpose of analyzing your sample(s).

  • Accuracy: Personal health information will be as accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary for the purpose for which it is to be used.
  • Safeguards: LifeLabs takes security measures to ensure your personal health information is protected from loss, theft, unauthorized access, use, copying or disclosure. As a health information custodian, we review and update our security measures to meet industry standards. We have implemented safeguards to protect your personal information and these include but are not limited to:
    Physical safeguards: locking filing cabinets and restricting access to our facilities to only authorized employees, vendors or visitors
    Technical safeguards: strong passwords, use of encryption, logging and monitoring, use of firewalls, anti-virus/anti-spyware software; threat risk assessments.
    Administrative safeguards: role-based access, annual staff training & signing of the confidentiality pledge, privacy impact assessments.
  • Openness: At LifeLabs, we have communications posted in our patient waiting areas to notify you about our current practices in place to protect your personal health information. To ensure quality of service, we can communicate with you via telephone, in person and e-mail. We are committed to safeguarding your personal health information irrespective of the method through which we communicate with you.
  • Individual Access: We offer our patients online access to their test results. Patients with access to the internet can register free of charge to our MyCareCompass portals to view their results. Not all test results are available on our portal; specifically, we don’t post those results that are sensitive in nature, controlled by regulatory requirements, sent to a government lab for analysis, or test results that are required to be reported directly to the ordering physician.
    If you require hardcopies of your results, please complete and return this Access Form.
    If you have additional questions regarding accessing your results, please call the Customer Care Centre in your Province:
    British Columbia: 604-431-7206, 1-800-431-7206
    Ontario: 1-877-849-3637
  • Challenging Compliance: You may address your question(s) or complaint(s) concerning our compliance with privacy legislation to the Privacy Office via:
    Confidential e-mail:
    Telephone: 1-844-783-6677
    You also have the right to submit your complaint to the Privacy Commissioner in your Province. Please see our Privacy Legislation and Oversight Authorities tab for contact details.

Access Your Results

  • You can access your results online by registering at:
  • You can request hard copies of your results by submitting a request to our Customer Care Centre or by filling out the Access Request form.
    • British Columbia: 604-431-7206, 1-800-431-7206
    • Ontario: 1-877-849-3637
  • You can also contact your ordering physician to obtain your results

If you are in Saskatchewan, please contact your physician to receive a copy of your test results. LifeLabs only provides collection services in Saskatchewan and does not process the samples.

Request Corrections To Your Information

If you would like to request correction(s) to your personal/personal health information, please complete and return the Corrections request form.


Website Cookies

A note about the use of Web tools such as Cookies

Cookies are small files that a website or its service provider transfers to a computer’s hard drive through your browser (if permitted), enabling the site or service provider’s system to recognize your browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari) and capture and remember certain information, such as your browser type and address of the website from which you arrived from.

This helps us understand your preferences based on previous or current site activity and it allows us to provide you with improved online services. We use cookies to temporarily store language and filter preferences on our site and web portals. This helps us understand visitor traffic to our sites, site interaction in order to offer a user-friendly experience and to recognize you when you return to our sites. 

We may contract with third party service providers to assist us in better understanding our site visitors and record your browsing habits in order to improve our product and service offerings and customer service.

You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies by changing the settings in your browser. We note that if you turn cookies off, you will not have access to certain features on our sites that make your online experience more efficient and some of our services may not function properly.

Our Website may also use a technology called “tracer tags” or “Web Beacons”.  This technology allows us to understand which pages you visit on our Website. These tracer tags are used to help us optimize and tailor our Website for you and other future visitors to our Website.

Privacy Legislation and  Oversight Authorities

LifeLabs operates in two Canadian provinces: Ontario and B.C. Accordingly, we must comply with applicable provincial legislation as well as federal legislation. Our conduct in this regard is governed by the following laws and overseen by the following oversight authorities.



Relevant legislation: Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) & Ontario Regulation 329/04

Overseen by: Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC)

Toll-free: 1-800-387-0073 
Toronto: 416-326-3333

Fax:  416-325-9195

TTY: 416-325-7539


Mailing Address: 
Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario 
2 Bloor St. E., Suite 1400 
Toronto, ON  M4W 1A8


British Columbia

Relevant legislation: Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)

Overseen by: Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

Toll-free: 1-800-663-7867 
Victoria: 250-387-5629 
Vancouver: 604-660-2421

Fax:  250-387-1696


Mailing Address:
Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia 
P.O. Box 9038, Stn. Prov. Govt. 
Victoria, BC  V8W 9A4


What if I have a privacy concern or want to make a complaint?

We take your privacy concerns and complaints seriously. If you have a privacy concern or complaint, you can contact us directly at 1-844-783-6677 or via our confidential e-mail:

Please note that while the Privacy Office is here to discuss your privacy concerns and any privacy complaints you may have, we are not able to provide you with your lab results. To get your results electronically, please visit MyCareCompass. If you would like hard copies of your lab results, please contact our Customer Care Centre or complete and return the Access Request form.

  • British Columbia: 604-431-7206, 1-800-431-7206
  • Ontario: 1-877-849-3637

If I sign up for the LifeLabs MyCareCompassTM portal, will others be able to access my information online?

If you choose to sign up for MyCareCompassTM portal account, only you will have access to your personal health information on the website. MyCareCompassTM portal is a secure website that uses encryption technology and has strict password and security question rules. It is important that you do not share your password or security question answers with others. You should also make sure that you have logged-out of the system when you are finished viewing your results.

Can my family see my personal health information?

Although you have the right to access your information, this right does not automatically extend to family members and/or friends. Once LifeLabs receives your consent to share your personal health information with your family member and/or friend, that individual will receive access.

Can all LifeLabs staff access my personal health information?

Only LifeLabs staff involved in your care can access your record. All LifeLabs staff are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement, which is signed as a condition of employment and re-attested to annually. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure staff know that they are only allowed to access information that is required to perform their duties. Staff access to patient records is monitored to ensure that the privacy of your information is respected. 


Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA):

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario:

 British Columbia

 Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA):

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia:


 The Health Information Protection Act:

 Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner:

Changes to the LifeLabs Privacy Policies and Procedures

LifeLabs reserves the right to make changes to our privacy policies and procedures from time to time. Changes adopted will apply to any personal health information we maintain about you. LifeLabs is required to abide by the terms of our notice currently in effect. When changes are applied, we will promptly update this notice and post the information on the LifeLabs website. Please review this site periodically to ensure that you are aware of any such updates.

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Patients FAQs

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Patient Centred Care

We are a caring and customer driven organization committed to providing inclusive, barrier-free services. We respect the dignity and independence of all patients and have adopted practices to ensure an inclusive environment for the comfort of everyone.
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As an employer, we know you have complex needs to ensure the health and safety of your employees. We offer a suite of customizable lab services to remove some of the stress of lab testing and help make it a little easier for you, and your staff.
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Our Network

LifeLabs is well-positioned to deliver care at home, in the community and across Canada through our four core lines of business. We have 16 laboratories, over 5,700 professionally trained staff members, 382 conveniently located collection centres in B.C., Ontario and Saskatchewan, an extensive network of couriers and mobile phlebotomists. As well we have a complete suite of testing services available to all Canadians and partner with governments and companies to develop technologies and customized services.
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LifeLabs launches Klinrisk algorithm for risk stratification of CKD progression

LifeLabs is partnering with Klinrisk to exclusively offer an algorithm-based test tool for risk stratification of kidney failure progression at early ...

Holiday Season Turnaround Time for Panorama™ NIPT Results

There will be no Panorama™ Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) collections on December 25, 26, and January 1.




As of January 1, 2024, the price of Home Care services for homebound patients will increase by $10 to $55, and the price of MyVisit™, a convenience-...

Change in specimen type for NT-proBNP testing at LifeLabs

Effective 04 December 2023, serum (SST, gold top) will be the preferred specimen to test for NT-proBNP. There is no change in reference intervals and/...

LifeLabs partners with LifestyleRx to expand services and support for managing prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes

We have partnered with LifestyleRx to offer Canadians greater support in managing their health with prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

Update ANCA and ANTI-CCP test coverage in Ontario

ANCA and ANTI-CCP have been added under the Ministry of Health’s Community Access Pilot program coverage for collection and testing when ordered by ...

Notice of closure on Monday, October 2, 2023, for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30th is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Our operations will continue as normal on Saturday the 30th, but we will be closed on Mon...

Temporary Suspension of Urine Oxalate Testing

Due to a global supply shortage, the enzyme used for oxalate measurement is temporarily unavailable. LifeLabs has limited supply of the reagent and wi...

LifeLabs introduces new Enhanced Liver Fibrosis Score in Ontario

We’re pleased to share that we have introduced the Enhanced Liver Fibrosis Score (ELFTM) in Ontario as a convenient option for screening for liver f...
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Latest News

LifeLabs Diwali 2023
Celebrating Diwali: A Festival of Light and Unity
Woman does analyze in a laboratory
Type 2 Diabetes and prediabetes can be reversed with personalized life...
Featured Post Image
LifeLabs Unveils Self-Collection Hormone Health Kits
BCIT Pathology Textbook LifeLabs
LifeLabs and BCIT Collaborate to Launch Innovative Global Chapter on B...
Featured Post Image
Supporting Indigenous Communities: LifeLabs' Efforts to Provide Health...
Featured Post Image
Empowering Futures: LifeLabs and Indspire Join Hands to Shape Indigeno...
Featured Post Image
LifeLabs Celebrates Future Generations: 11 Students Honoured as Recipi...
Woman does analyze in a laboratory
Ontario's Minister of Health Visits LifeLabs to Discuss Improved Acces...
Featured Post Image
LifeLabs named by Forbes as one of Canada’s Best Employers for Diver...
Woman does analyze in a laboratory
Analysis of Half a Billion Lipid Tests from Five Continents Reveals Wi...

Education & Events

HCPs Newsletters

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Medical Consult

The Medical/Scientific staff at LifeLabs welcomes consultations from all healthcare providers regarding: 

  • general information about laboratory testing (utilization issues, appropriate tests to order)
  •  the interpretation of specific results specific 
  •  questions or problems with testing

To consult with our Medical/Scientific staff, please call our customer care centre at

  • B.C.: 604-431-7206 1-800-431-7206
  • Ontario: 1-877-849-3637
  • Saskatchewan: 604-431-7206 1-800-431-7206

Depending on the nature of your enquiry, the customer care centre staff will then distribute your request for consultation to the appropriate Laboratory Medicine discipline: 

  • Chemistry 
  • Hematology 
  • Microbiology 
  • Anatomic Pathology (Ontario only)

A member of the Medical/Scientific Staff will get back to the requesting healthcare provider within one business day. The vast majority of these calls are handled on the same day as the request for consultation.


Urgent Requests

If your question is of an urgent nature, please ask for a consultation with the Medical Director on call outside of regular business hours (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
LifeLabs Medical/Scientific staff are pleased to provide this service, as it allows us to be in contact with our Health Care Provider customers. This interaction often leads to improvements in the service that we provide.

Business Development

For information about business partnership opportunities with LifeLabs, please email


For information about community inclusion opportunities with LifeLabs, please email

Offices and Main Labs


  • International Reference Laboratory (IRL)

    100 International Blvd.
    Toronto, ON M9W 6J6

  • Kennedy Laboratory (KL)
    6560 Kennedy Rd.
    Mississauga, ON L5T 2X4


  • Burnaby Reference Laboratory (BRL)

    3680 Gilmore Way
    Burnaby, BC V5G 4V8

  • Cam Coady Building (CCB)
    7455 – 130 Street
    Surrey, BC V3W 1H8


  • Victoria Reference Laboratory (VRL)

    3201-4464 Markham St.
    Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8


Wish to speak to one of our experts or tour our labs for an upcoming story? A member of our media relations team would be pleased to assist you.
Note this email is only for members of the media. All other inquiries should be redirected to our Contact Centre.

Request Copies of Your Results

The easiest way to access your lab results is online using our free, secure service . To learn more about please click here.

If you prefer to receive hard copies of your results, please complete and return this Access Form.

If you have additional questions regarding accessing your results, please call the Customer Care Centre in your Province:

  • British Columbia: 604-431-7206, 1-800-431-7206 
  • Ontario: 1-877-849-3637 
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​Plan Your Career in Medical Laboratories

A career in medical laboratory technology offers you a chance to help people while
applying the latest advancements in medical science and technology.

In Ontario

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc maximus, nulla ut commodo sagittis, sapien dui mattis dui, non pulvinar lorem felis nec erat.

In British Columbia & Alberta

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc maximus, nulla ut commodo sagittis, sapien dui mattis dui, non pulvinar lorem felis nec erat.
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Values & Culture

We see the patient in all that we do. We know that behind every lab requisition, sample being tested and business decision to invest in technology is an individual and their family counting on us. They are who motivate us each and every day to create a culture of continuous improvement so we can achieve excellence.


We care deeply for our patients, each other and our communities and therefore excellence is the standard for everything we do.


We work together with unwavering personal integrity, mutual respect and trust towards our shared purpose.


We listen, we are interested in and care about our customers’ needs and expectations and, we strive to create value by exceeding those expectations.


We are ready and able to take advantage of new opportunities, we are curious and open-minded, responsive and proactive, explorative and risk-tolerant, we are empowered to act, and we embrace and adapt to change.
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I'm a Patient

Your health is our priority. That’s why our goal is to provide caring, efficient, reliable, and high-quality testing services to support you in effectively managing your health.

I'm a Healthcare Provider

LifeLabs is the largest provider of specialty laboratory testing services in Canada. Together with our partners, we provide national access to specialized clinical tests.
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We provide laboratory services to a range of hospitals and regional healthcare systems. We collaborate with hospitals to enhance patient care through efficient and effective laboratory operations including:
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Section Type: Healthcare Providers FAQ

Healthcare Providers FAQs

Have a question or need clarification? We are here to help you find the answers you need, when you and your patients need it most.
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Section Type: General FAQ

General FAQs

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Page Banner

Frequently Asked

Patients FAQs

Patients FAQs



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Section Type: Forms

Supplies & Forms

​LifeLabs provides supplies and containers required for the collection of laboratory specimens referred to LifeLabs. To request supplies, complete either the Clinic and Healthcare Provider Supply Requisition and forward to your local LifeLabs location.
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Making a Meaningful Impact

Innovating the Future of Digital Health

We know the wait for lab results can be stressful for some patients and their families. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Excelleris Technologies, we are pioneering e-health solutions that help bring patient care into the 21st century

As a Canadian leader in digital health innovation and Canada Health Infoway award winner,  Excelleris Technologies is responsible for pioneering e-health solutions that help bring patient care into the 21st century.

Through the creation of secure patient web portals, my results in Ontario and my ehealth in B.C, we currently provide more than 2.5 million Canadians with fast, easy online access to their lab results, empowering patients to take an active role in managing their own health.

Excelleris is also delivering e-health solutions to the broader health system. For instance, in 2016 Excelleris began working with Velante, an organization established by the New Brunswick Medical Society to support the adoption of electronic medical records through the province’s health care system.

Together we are providing an e-health solution for a common challenge in health care – moving to paperless. Prior to Excelleris’ involvement, patient test results in New Brunswick were available in a provincial repository; however many community physicians are not connected to the repository, and therefore results were frequently sent to physicians’ offices via paper mail or fax.

As a leading e-health provider for more than 15 years in British Columbia, with broad experience integrating clinical systems, Excelleris offers New Brunswick a proven, reliable solution to this problem. Today, using a fully automated solution, doctors have immediate, easy access to all the patient diagnostic lab test history they need for their patients’ care.

At Excelleris, we’re constantly asking ourselves, how can we use technology to address the roadblocks to modernize health care and improve patients’ health?” Stephan Mueller, Director, Information Technology. “Looking into the future, we are poised and ready to help even more Canadians achieve improved health outcomes
- Stephan Mueller, Director, Information Technology
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Ontario Licensing & Accreditation​

Laboratory Address Ministry of Health and
Long-Term Care License
Accreditation Canada Diagnostics Certificate College of American Pathologist CAP Accreditation
Belleville 51 Adam Street, Belleville, ON K8N 5K3 Belleville MOH License 2022-2024 (PDF) Belleville Accreditation Canada Certificate 2021-2025 (PDF) N/A
Genetics 175 Galaxy Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 0C9 Genetics MOH License 2022-2024 (PDF) Genetics Accreditation Canada Certificate 2023-2027 (PDF) Genetics CAP Accreditation 2024
Mississauga 6560 Kennedy Rd., Mississauga, ON L5T 2X4 Mississauga MOH License 2022-2024 (PDF) Mississauga Accreditation Canada Certificate 2021-2025 N/A
Thunder Bay 1040 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 7A5 Thunder Bay MOH License 2022-2024 (PDF) Thunder Bay IQMH Certificate 2018-2023 (PDF) N/A
Sudbury 65 Larch St, Sudbury, ON P3E 1B8 Sudbury MOH License 2022 -2024 (PDF) Sudbury IQMH Certificate 2024 (PDF) N/A
International Reference Laboratory (IRL) 100 International Blvd. Toronto, ON M9W 6J6 IRL MOH License 2022-2024 (PDF) IRL Accreditation Canada Certificate 2021-2025 (PDF) IRL CAP Accreditation 2023 (PDF)



British Columbia Licensing & Accreditation

Laboratory Address

College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
Diagnostic Accreditation Program

Accreditation Canada Diagnostics Certificate
Burnaby Reference Laboratory 3680 Gilmore Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 4V8
DAP Certificate of Accreditation Burnaby Reference Laboratory 2021-2026 (PDF)


Cam Coady Building Laboratory 7455 – 130 Street
Surrey, BC V3W 1H8
DAP Certificate of Accreditation Cam Coady Laboratory 2021-2026 (PDF) Accreditation-Canada-ISO15189PLUS-Surrey-Reference-Laboratory-2022-2026
Victoria Reference Laboratory 3201-4464 Markham St.
Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8
DAP Certificate of Accreditation Victoria Reference-Laboratory 2021-2026 (PDF) Accreditation-Canada-ISO15189PLUS-Victoria-Reference-Laboratory-2022-2026
Kamloops Laboratory 546 St. Paul Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 5T1
DAP Certificate of Accreditation Kamloops Laboratory 2021-2026 (PDF) N/A
Nanaimo Laboratory 87 Wallace Street
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5A8
DAP Certificate of Accreditation Nanaimo Laboratory 2018-2023 (PDF) N/A
Prince George Laboratory 1669 Victoria Street
Prince George, BC V2L 2L5
DAP Certificate of Accreditation Prince George Laboratory 2018-2023 (PDF) N/A
Terrace Laboratory 4634 Park Avenue
Terrace, BC V8G 1V7
DAP Certificate of Accreditation Terrace Laboratory 2021-2026 (PDF) N/A



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Each year we perform over 112 million laboratory tests to help diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent diseases for millions of Canadians. Supported by four core divisions – LifeLabs, LifeLabs Genetics, Rocky Mountain Analytical and Excelleris, together we are driven by a passion to empower a healthier you. From standard lab testing, to genetic and naturopathic testing, to developing new technologies to connect patients to their health, patients are at the core of all we do and are the driving force behind our pursuit of excellence.
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LifeLabs Comes to You!


$80 per person.

Services offered

Blood tests, ECG monitoring, Holter monitoring


Now serving all of Toronto and select areas in York, Peel and Halton regions.
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This is LifeLabs

LifeLabs is proud to be Canada’s largest community lab. While we believe we are more than
just numbers, the breadth and depth of the organization is pretty impressive.
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Over 5,700 employees working together
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19+ million patient visits each year
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Accreditation & Licensing

LifeLabs’ goal is to be the premier provider of services and products that contribute to Canadians’ health and well-being.

We’re also committed to implementing a system that allows us to provide consistent, high-quality and cost-effective services. To demonstrate our commitment to excellence and continuous quality improvement, LifeLabs offers a series of inter-related quality control and quality assurance initiatives for our pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical services. As evidence of the effectiveness of the LifeLabs Quality System and it’s resulting activities, below you will find a copy of licenses & accreditations granted.

You can view and/or print the following license and accreditation documents for your record.

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For Graduates

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Find Test by Condition

LifeLabs is your partner in diagnosing and managing all your patients’ health care needs. We are leading the development of innovative test solutions.
Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is a protein produced by granulosa cells in ovarian follicles. A blood test for AMH is most commonly used to assess the reserve of ovarian follicles and to predict response to controlled ovarian stimulation during in vitro fertilization (IVF). AMH levels circulating in blood may be used to:
  • predict age of menopause
  • confirm diagnosis of premature ovarian failure
  • predict likelihood of IVF success. (AMH levels correlate positively with number of retrieved oocytes1 and low AMH levels predict a lower likelihood of follicle response.
  • assess risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) caused by exaggerated response to gonadotropin treatment
  • help diagnose polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Detecting Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Anti-CCP test is a blood-based immunological test that detects the presence of antibodies directed against the body’s cyclic citrullinated peptide (CCP). These antibodies are frequently detected in the blood of rheumatoid arthritis patients. The Anti-CCP test can diagnose the disease at a very early stage, sometimes years before the development of clinical symptoms.

An Anti-CCP test may be ordered together with a rheumatoid factor (RF) test and JOINTstat to help diagnose rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and to assess the severity and probable course of the disease. Anti-CCP may also be ordered to help evaluate patients at high risk of developing RA, or as a follow-up test to a negative RF test when clinical signs and symptoms of RA are present.

Diagnosing Celiac Disease

Celiac disease occurs in about 1% of Canadians and symptoms can vary dramatically and easily be mistaken for food allergies or intolerance. We offer a combination of two tests that measure the amount of the IgA class (immunoglobulin A) and IgG class (immunoglobulin G) autoantibodies.

  • Tissue transglutaminase antibody (tTG): IgA class is the primary test ordered to screen for celiac disease. It is the most sensitive and specific blood test for celiac disease and is the test recommended by the Canadian Celiac Association.
  • Deamidated Gliadin IgG antibodies: Around 2-3% of people with Celiac disease have an IgA deficiency, which can lead to a false negative result of the tTG, IgA test. This is when a test to measure IgG is recommended.


Early Detection of Cervical Cancer

Persistent infection with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the principal cause of cervical cancer and its precursor cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). There are more than 118 different types of HPV and approximately 40 different HPVs that can infect the human anogenital mucosa. However, only a subset of these types is considered high-risk for the development of cervical cancer and its precursor lesions.

HPV testing at LifeLabs is done using Roche Cobas® HPV assay, which detects the presence of 14 high risk HPV types, and specifically identifies HPV16 and HPV18.

Detecting Osteoporosis

Serum C-telopeptide (CTX) is commonly used for diagnosing and monitoring patients with osteoporosis. This test measures the amount of bone turnover products circulating in the bloodstream by detecting the C-terminal telopeptide of type I collagen – a protein component of bone.

Serum CTX can detect clinically-relevant change in bone resorption that occurred over as little as a few months, unlike bone mineral density (BMD) radiologic tests which require several years of bone loss to generate a measurable output. Consequently CTX is able to provide better guidance for treatment plans. Serum CTX is the most established test of bone breakdown used in clinical trials of osteoporosis drugs. In combination with BMD test, Serum CTX test may be used to enhance the estimation of the future risk of bone fractures.

Early Prostate Cancer Detection

A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) ratio screening test measures the total PSA level and free PSA levels in the blood. The percentage of measured free PSA is useful in assessing the risk of prostate cancer in patients with borderline or moderately increased total PSA. When combined with your complete clinical assessment, it can help determine whether a follow-up prostate biopsy is required.

In addition to early prostate cancer detection, PSA ratio tests can be used to:

  • predict a prognosis (outcome) for prostate cancer
  • predict if cancer has spread outside the prostate
  • plan treatment for prostate cancer
  • monitor the efficacy of prostate cancer treatments
  • if cancer has reoccurred


Knowing the Risk for Heart Attacks

The SMARTVascular Dx test (formerly called the PULS test) measures the most clinically-significant protein biomarkers that measure the body’s immune system response to arterial injury. These injuries lead to the formation and progression of cardiac lesions which may become unstable and rupture, leading to a cardiac event. A SMARTVascular Dx test may also be used in conjunction with a cholesterol test for a more accurate picture of your heart health.

SMARTVascular Dx test is just one of the many tests we offer to assist healthcare providers in risk characterization and ongoing therapeutic monitoring of patients with cardiovascular disease.

25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test

The 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D test is a simple blood test and the best way to monitor Vitamin D levels. The test is also known as the 25-OH Vitamin D test and the calcidiol 25-hydroxycholecalcifoerol test. This test should be ordered if there are clinical indications of vitamin D deficiencies including if the patient has conditions commonly associated with vitamin D deficiencies.

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    Pre-Departure testing now available from the comfort of your home with MyVisit (Currently Greater Toronto Area only)

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    MyVisit Pre-departure testing offers:

    • COVID-19 PCR/NAAT swab testing
    • COVID-19 Antibody Blood (serology) testing

    The MyVisit fee is $80 per person.

    Pre-Departure testing

    Book your appointment online here. If your flight is within the next five days and you have received your FlyClear requisition, please contact a MyVisit coordinator 1-416-993-9579 (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm EST).