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LifeLabs Announces Extended Hours of Service in St. Thomas

In order to better serve the community of St. Thomas, Ontario, LifeLabs has extended the hours of operation at its Patient Service Centre located at 417 Wellington Street, Suite 55 (Elgin Mall location). Beginning on Monday, April 18, the St. Thomas location will open to patients for an additional seven hours per week. For more information about this location and its hours of service please visit the Location Finder on (

Recently, the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital announced that it would no longer provide laboratory services for out-patients. LifeLabs understands that this decision will increase demand for community lab services in St. Thomas and the surrounding area. We are pleased to extend our hours in order to serve patients in the St. Thomas community.

For further information please go to: or call our Customer Care Centre at 1-877-849-3637.

For media enquiries please contact Stephanie Sayer at

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