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Counsyl Foresight™

An Expanded Carrier Screen for Informed Family Planning 

Foresight™ is a genetic screen for would-be and soon-to-be parents that can detect whether the parents unknowingly carry genetic-based conditions that may be passed to their children. This test examines both X-Linked and autosomal recessive traits in one or, ideally, both of the parents. Based on a blood or saliva sample, the test estimates whether the recessive traits are likely to appear in your child.

Most of us are carriers of several genetic diseases that do not impact our everyday lives. This screening tool looks for over 175 conditions that affect 1 in 550 births. Click here for the complete list.

  1. 60% of individuals screen positive for one or more conditions on the Expanded Carrier Screen
  2. 1 in 42 couples test positive for the same condition on the Expanded Carrier Screen
  3. 59 conditions improve with early intervention (e.g., Wilson disease and phenylketonuria)
  4. 45 conditions carry a risk for intellectual disability (e.g., Fragile X syndrome and Niemann-Pick disease)
  5. 78 conditions have limited or no treatment options (e.g., spinal muscular atrophy and Canavan disease)

What is a recessive condition and what is a carrier?

Recessive conditions are caused by changes, known as mutations, in a person's genes. Every person has two copies of a given gene, one inherited from each parent, and a recessive condition occurs when both copies of the same gene have a mutation.

A carrier is someone who has only one gene with a mutation – their other copy of the gene is unaffected, and as such, carriers are typically symptom-free and do not know they carry the mutation.

Who should be screened?

Anyone planning a pregnancy or pregnant women should be offered carrier screening, independent of ethnic background, and couples can choose to screen both partners simultaneously.

I don't have a family history of any conditions — should I still be screened?

Even without a family history of genetic conditions, you can still be a carrier. When two people are carriers of the same condition, they can, unknowingly, have a child with lifelong health issues. In fact, 4 out of 5 children with recessive genetic conditions are born to couples with no known family history of that condition.

What if I am a carrier?

When two parents are carriers of the same genetic mutation, each child has a 1 in 4 (or 25%) chance of being affected by the associated condition.

For certain conditions, such as fragile x syndrome, only the mother needs to be a carrier for the child to be at an increased risk.

You have options! Your healthcare provider is available to guide you through these various options to find out what is best for you, and knowing your carrier status before or early in your pregnancy gives you time to learn about the disorder and prepare.

What if I am not a carrier?

Generally, no follow-up testing is suggested for any of the conditions you were screened for. It is important to understand that no screen is able to identify every carrier of every condition. Speak to your healthcare provider if you have special concerns due to family history or other factors.

How can I get screened?

The Counsyl expanded carrier screen is a simple blood or saliva test prescribed by your healthcare provider, and the average turnaround time for results is two to three weeks.

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For more information about the genetic tests offered contact our Genetics Helpline 1-84-GENE-HELP (1-844-363-4357) or email:

How is the test performed?

Counsyl Foresight™ Expanded Carrier Screen tests use a small sample of saliva or blood.

How much does it cost?

  • First Partner – $995.00
  • Second Partner – $795.00

When will I get my results?

Test results will be available within 3 weeks.

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Did You Know?

Most people don’t have a known family history of genetic conditions and only learn that they’re carriers after having an affected child.

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