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Reference intervals are validated and updated periodically, and vary from method to method. They may change without notification. Ranges accompanying patient results should be deemed to be correct.

Lower Mainland Reference Ranges

Reference range intervals from our Burnaby Refererence Laboratory.

Vancouver Island Reference Ranges

Reference range intervals from our Vancouver Island Reference Laboratory.

There are two events which may cause changes in the test results seen on LifeLabs reports:

  1. New testing methods have been implemented at the LifeLabs testing facility as of May 16, 2016
  2. BCBio collection facilities will have specimens diverted from the BCBio testing facility to the LifeLabs testing facility during the month of June 2016.

In some cases the new method at LifeLabs is the same as the previous method at BCBio.

The table describes which methods will be different and the expected changes in results.

Reference ranges accompanying the patient report are deemed to be correct and should be used to interpret results.

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