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Rocky Mountain Analytical (RMA), a division of LifeLabs LP, is an accredited medical laboratory focused on patient well-being, building strong collaborative relationships with clinicians, and advancing the science of wellness.  RMA has served the naturopathic medicine community in Canada for over ten years.  

RMA supports naturopathic doctor access to LifeLabs tests, providing both customer service and billing support. Naturopathic doctors wishing to access the LifeLabs test menu can contact Rocky Mountain Analytical for a requisition and price list.  

RMA also performs a variety of  tests in its Calgary, Alberta laboratory including: hair and urine element analysis, urine growth hormone, blood spot vitamin D, hair cortisol, and saliva hormone testing. RMA also partners with other laboratories to offer additional test items such as food sensitivity testing, blood spot fatty acids and urine thyroid assessment.  

To learn more about Rocky Mountain Analytical and the tests they offer, please visit

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