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​LifeLabs provides local and central laboratory testing of human samples as a service to clients working in academic research, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries, medical device manufacturing and Contract Research Organizations.

We are committed providing customized solutions built around your individual Phase I - IV studies projects or research needs. The quality of conducting studies is comprised of several levels to fulfill the need for control and accuracy. Our fundamental elements are:

Collection and Logistic Support

LifeLabs, now one of the largest community laboratory companies in the world composed of the former MDS Diagnostic Services, CML HealthCare Inc. and B.C. Biomedical Laboratories, our clients have access to one of the largest sample collection and logistic networks. LifeLabs provides an integrated service including;

  • National specimen collection,  on-site and mobile
  • LifeLabs owned and operated courier system
  • LifeLabs leading Shipment Management Solution to track all Shipping Containers in real time
  • Compliance with all Transportation and Laboratory Regulations, requirements and accepted guidelines for the transportation of laboratory specimens
  • Domestic and International logistics management

Project Management

A dedicated Project team is assigned to each project, they will efficiently and effectively delivery your study milestones on target and on time. The clinical value of information derived from a laboratory test depends greatly on the collection and handling of the specimens submitted for analysis. Correct patient preparation and proper specimen collection, processing, storage and transportation are essential to obtain accurate results. LifeLabs is committed in helping to minimizing potential errors and delays in regards to sample collection, and preparation of specimens for transport. LifeLabs project teams works closely with the client/sponsor and the sites to provide:

  • A dedicated Project team for all direct contact for any queries that may arise
  • Customized collection kits

Testing and Reporting

The analysis of samples collected from subjects participating in study projects forms and provides important clinical diagnostic data. It is essential that sample analysis or evaluations are performed to an acceptable standard which will make sure patient safety that is not compromised and that data is reliable and accurately reported.

Our clinical safety test menu includes: 

  • Biochemistry
  • Coagulation
  • Drugs of Abuse Screening
  • Hematology
  • Histopathology
  • Microbiology
  • Serology
  • Urinalysis
  • Diagnostic imaging services such as CT and MRI
  • Electrocardiograms (“ECG”) and Holter monitoring

Our clients will also have access to leading specialized testing menus with exceptional testing turnaround times to meet your study needs.

Clients have the option to receive reports via automated processes, fax and/or printed paper reports.  LifeLabs also provides Data Management Services with the ability to customized records in multiple electronic file formats through documented planning processes. Clinical Data Management (CDM) is a critical phase in clinical research, which leads to the generation of high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound data from clinical trials. Our Data Management Team members are actively involved in all stages of clinical trial right from inception to completion. Our Data Management Team will create the database design, data specifications annotation, data-entry data validation, test coding, data extraction, and finalize database locking based on your study needs.


LifeLabs is committed to performing accurate testing and record-keeping standards. LifeLabs complies with the Standards Council of Canada’s Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) principles and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).  Our accreditations and certifications include:

  • Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (OLA)
  • Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care (MOHLTC)
  • College of American Pathologists (CAP)

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