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Conference Information

Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Vancouver, BC (Map)
Saturday, October 14, 2017

A one day conference for all health care providers (particularly those providing primary care) designed to bridge the information gap between laboratory medicine and clinical practice.


Our goal is to bridge the gap between clinical and laboratory medicine. Often seen as a “black box,” we aim to demystify the laboratory and to establish better access to laboratory medicine expertise. We will use case studies to provide practical clinical pearls for health care providers (particularly those providing primary care, such as GPs and NPs) and we will also explore how evolving laboratory medicine practice will improve the quality of clinical care for all our patients.

Conference Details

Through both case-based examples and state-of-the-art reviews from leading experts, some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Toxicology testing and the opioid crisis, drug screening in opioid users
  • Monitoring strategies in the anti-coagulated patient
  • "Choosing Wisely" and evidence-based utilization of laboratory testing
  • The new horizons of electronic laboratory ordering and just-in-time clinical decision support
  • Diagnostic challenges  of common infectious diseases
  • Syndromic diagnostic approaches of infectious illnesses
  • Approaches to improving access to laboratory medicine expertise for clinical decision making
  • The genomics revolution – how it has already and will increasingly be used for clinical decision making.

Annual Conference:


Sangeeta Hussain
Event Coordinator

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