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LifeLabs is pleased to present to you Foundations For Our Future, our report to our community. LifeLabs has been a part of communities in British Columbia and Ontario for more than 50 years and is driven by strong values that help shape our company philosophy and culture. These values also formed the basis on which we designed this report. We are proud of the work we do and the stories we are sharing with you in this report—we hope you enjoy learning about these foundations for our future.

A Message from our CEO

Trust between us and our patients, healthcare providers, and our health sector leaders drives us forward every day. We strive to build and expand that trust as we deliver on our promise to build a healthier Canada. It is this promise that is the foundation of our Report to Our Community: Foundations For Our Future. Read more

Pursuit of Excellence examines innovations we have made in drug screening, how we use data to fight superbugs, how we help Canadians living with food sensitivities, and our commitment to quality. Read more

Leading Innovation looks at how we partner for better health outcomes, how our tests help people plan for healthy futures, the ways we are improving health through automation and how we are connecting Canadians to their health. Read more

Building Strong Communities examines best practices we have pioneered for the Autism Spectrum Disorder community, how our employees are building better communities and the ways we are working to protect our environment. Read more

Our Employees explores our commitment to health and safety and also how we support our employees’ children realize their academic and professional goals. Read more

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