LifeLabs Offers Online Appointment Booking Service


March 26, 2012

LifeLabs is implementing appointment booking capabilities at its patient service centres (PSCs) across the country. Soon patients will have the convenience of scheduling an appointment at a date, time and location of their choice through our website ( 

Patients will be able to plan their LifeLabs visit in advance – a major improvement in the patient experience at our PSCs as this will reduce wait times for patients with an appointment. In addition, scheduling testing will improve patient care through greater compliance. A key benefit of the appointment system is that medical practice staff can also book lab test appointments for patients, and the necessary follow-up office visit, before the patient leaves the physician office.

This customer service improvement will be implemented at LifeLabs PSCs beginning with pilots in April 2012, and with all locations actively accepting appointments by the end of June 2012. As we implement this change, we will update you on the success of our pilots and on the timing of appointment availability at various locations. 

LifeLabs is pleased to offer another innovative service that supports better health outcomes for Canadians. 

Click here for more information on appointment booking.